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  1. mnanand

    FS: RAM Crucial Basics DDR4 2400 Desktop RAM

    ygpm 1601712520 Payment made, awaiting tracking details.
  2. mnanand

    FS: MP3 Player Sony NW-A25 Hi-Res Walkman 16GB (Perfect Condition) @ 4470 Rs

    Unable to edit main post for some reason / forum glitch. unable to see edit option. Payment Recd. Product will ship tomorrow. Thread status is SOLD.
  3. mnanand

    FS: Storage Hardware (SOLD) Seagate Backup Plus (4TB) (Perfect Condition)

    Buyer received product. Trade concluded. Dear Mods: pls close this thread.
  4. mnanand

    FS: MP3 Player Sony NW-A25 Hi-Res Walkman 16GB (Perfect Condition) @ 4470 Rs

    No useful interest received. Mods: Kindly close this thread.
  5. mnanand

    FS: Storage Hardware (SOLD) Seagate Backup Plus (4TB) (Perfect Condition)

    Payment received from user j3rwin. product will ship tomorrow. Thread marked as SOLD.
  6. mnanand

    FS: Storage Hardware (SOLD) Seagate Backup Plus (4TB) (Perfect Condition)

    Product Name: Seagate Backup Plus 4TB (Blue) Model No: STDR4000302 Expected Price: Rs. 4780/- Purchased: April 2017. Croma Retail (Online). Power type: USB powered. (External power NOT required). Warranty Remaining: None (Expd. 21 June 2020, verifiable by serial). Product Condition: Excellent...
  7. mnanand

    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions

    I'm sure that was pretty much the case when this site was started, a close group of people building trust and exchanging tech info and trading. A long time has passed since then, with everything being digital now and people seeking instant gratification wherever they go - you cant possibly...
  8. mnanand

    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions

    No disrespect to anyone. but the Market section is the only thing many users (including me) come to this forum for. Evidently because we were tired of all the haggling and trolling on sites like olx and quikr. Even though there is no accountability over trade and monetary risk involved here...
  9. mnanand

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    Many of my friends have Mi TV at their homes. have heard good feedback about their units so far, Those long installation wait times back at launch have since been resolved, now it has to be pandemic adjusted wait time. There are multiple sizes available depending on your budget. The 55 inch one...
  10. mnanand

    FS: MP3 Player Sony NW-A25 Hi-Res Walkman 16GB (Perfect Condition) @ 4470 Rs

    FINAL Price drop to Rs. 4000/- [Dear Mods: Unable to update main post - not seeing edit button / option anywhere for some reason (forum glitch?)] Bump.
  11. mnanand

    A little confused about how routers work.

    i would suggest a mesh router system, 3 nodes that spread out the coverage evenly throughout your home. there are good models from tp link.
  12. mnanand

    Graphic Cards Problem with Graphics card or PSU?

    Though entirely sufficient for your overall power reqs, that is an aging PSU, i reckon its not able to match the radeon's power draw for games sufficiently. Either way have a close watch on that unit.
  13. mnanand

    Budget 0-20k basic Home pc build for the kids

    Glad you liked my suggestion. :) (i was amazed at how much they could cram into a 4 by 4 inch box when i first opened it lol). So the model i am using is a NUC8i3BEH bought from amazon on diwali sale, its price hasnt changed much its still around 23k, but because we are budget limited, i would...
  14. mnanand

    Beware of theitdepot, Don't buy from them.

    Itdepot has offices in chennai and benglauru. Ive bought from their stores before in person, i guess they shut shop and went fully online recently with a restructuring in staff and the pandemic worsening their makeover. they have been around for a long time and i think they just want to retain...
  15. mnanand

    Is it useful to delete all data/cookies when you exist browser ? (talking about DESKTOP)

    I wipe all the junk files my ccleaner desktop app displays once a week. Chrome's caches will be gone and webpages will load slowly again yes. But its better than having trackers and crawlers from various sites accumulating in your system32 file repository. I try to keep as low of a digital...
  16. mnanand

    MI TV

    I have a few friends with Mi units of varying sizes. Most of them are content with their purchase. one guy in particular had to wait a long time for installation as he had booked it right next to the launch. Now they have those issues sorted out i guess. Otherwise on paper it looks like a good...
  17. mnanand

    Less than 10K Best Phone for under 10,000?

    IThe thread has diverged into aesthetics now and i can appreciate the visual effects manufacturers spend time working on. but they are just gimmicks at the end of the day. cosmetic stuff designed to justify a price tag. with a plethora of models available from multiple companies, people are...
  18. mnanand

    Budget 10-15K Looking for a mobile in 14k

    Nokia 6.1 plus user here with the same model being used by the entire family. everybody uses a edge supported back case and a screen protector, my unit has survived multiple falls and bumps. Luck is a factor with regards to issues and servicing, but careful device handling will take it a long...
  19. mnanand

    Budget 0-20k CPU Upgrade Help for B250 chipset (TL;DR at the bottom)

    Indeed, and products iike 7th gen being listed here are rare, a dime a dozen, you have to scour the sale threads and ask members to see if they have one etc. I have a ryzen build myself (r7 2700 coupled with a 2060) (it was a heavy budget). Ryzen has come a long ways and they have sorted out all...
  20. mnanand

    Budget 0-20k CPU Upgrade Help for B250 chipset (TL;DR at the bottom)

    Im afraid your board and your budget are holding you back regarding this sid. intel in now in its 11 th gen. So its legacy products are not being produced, meaning they are priced quite high on etailers (brand new ones i mean) well above 10k . As for the used market, sites like olx and quikr are...