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    FS: Networking Intel 7265ac and 8260ac ngff cards

    These are from my Dell laptops which are being returned to Dell for replacement. The original laptops came with crappy Dell / atheros cards which just couldn't hold 5Ghz connections so I upgraded to Intel. Since the laptops are being returned I put the original cards back. 8260ac for INR 2700...
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    FS: Others Reliance Digital gift vouchers : Valid till 15th Feb 2013

    I have reliance digital gift vouchers worth 37500 valid till 15th Feb 2013. I can sell them for 35000 If anyone in Mumbai is interested, we can do a cash deal. Outside Mumbai, will ship bluedart at my expense
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    FS: Mobile White Galaxy S3 3 days old with bill - 35000

    I want to sell my galaxy s3 i9300 bought from Reliance Digital Mumbai ( 38499 ) on 15th August, 2012. The phone still has 4 days of DOA replacement guarantee and 1 year samsung warranty valid till 14th August, 2013. The box was opened only for testing for DOA in the store. Even the plastic film...
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    WTT : Double Edge blades

    I was wondering if there is any wet shaving enthusiast on the forums. I recently got 100 Derby and 75 Astra platinum DE blades and want to trade with someone who has any of the following : Iridium Swedes Merkurs Feather ( 1.5 : 1 trade ratio as feathers are expensive ) Kai Personna Red I...
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    Android based phones

    Hi I was looking for a good android based phone, but don't know where to start. If anyone in NCR is looking for a quick cash sale, then let me know. Thanks
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    Norton 2010 2 year 3 users - for Rs.565 now..!

    Guys, I received many pms after I closed the GO last time. It is for the guys who missed out. I will execute this only when I have atleast 10 confirmed buyers. You will need to be patient. I don't want people to scream at me, I paid you 10 minutes back, WTF is my key. I am not a dealer. I...
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    Two Blackberry 8830 CDMA+GSM

    Need to sell either one of the three phones The 8830 is a world edition phone with CDMA+GSM ( only one will work at a time ) The 8830 is one of the best phones at this price and the buyers can clarify any doubts they have. Also, this phone has GPS so you can use navigation also if you are...
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    FS: Seedbox account

    Guys, I purchased two accounts on because this was the minimum purchase requirement by the site. If anyone is interested in the other account, then please pm me. PS ( @ Mods ) : No pics possible as this is an account. From my past itrader ratings, you can trust me for such a small...
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    Norton Internet Security 2010 2yr 3pc for 550

    Deleted to avoid more pm on this deal
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    8gb + 4gb Micro SDHC cards

    I need to sell either one of these cards. The verbatim, I got from Mediahome 3~4 months back for 550 shipped. The warranty is from accell frontline and no bill is required. MH forgot to include a bill, but I am sure he will provide a scanned copy to the buyer if needed. This card is rated class...
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    Paypal $ for sale

    I have 14$ in my pp account and was wondering if anyone needs any paypal cash. This way both of us will save 5%( the margin paypal has for conversion ) This is also great for people without CC. Although my itrader rating is not much ( somehow, people forget :bleh: ) but I have been in a few...
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    WTB : Bluetooth Mouse

    I am looking for a bluetooth mouse. Forgot to order one from dell when I bought my laptop. I hope someone can point me to some good deal. I can make the payment by netbanking/paypal