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    Less than 10K Android phone around 3~4k

    Looking for suggestions to buy a Android phone around 3~4k. Fairly new to the Android environment, and paranoid about most apps and their (what I feel are unreasonable) permission demands. Right now run a rooted and stripped down version of Android on my primary phone (no Google services, no...
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    WTB USB audio interface

    Looking for a USB audio interface. Preferably 2 input - Focusrite 2i2, Steinberg UR22C or equivalent. Kindly PM offers. Thank you.
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    Budget 0-20k Basic tenkeyless keyboard

    Have been looking for a smaller keyboard - something in the tenkeyless form factor, but most models appear to be targeting a gaming audience (fancy RGB, etc.). Need a smaller wired keyboard for lack of space on my desk, and the tenkeyless layout feels perfect. One would think less keys = lower...
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    2.0 audio setup advice

    From a Edifier C2 setup (backstory here), considering an upgrade to a 2.0 studio monitor + a USB sound interface system. * Looking for something basic and inexpensive (~15K), since it's my first foray into anything remotely audio-enthusiast grade. * Doesn't need to sound perfect. Just starting...
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    Suggestions to drive 2.1 speakers

    After the control unit in my Edifier C2 2.1 speaker system died, I'm stuck with just the working speakers. After initially deciding to buy a new 2.1 system (even put up a WTB thread here), I'm now considering buying an amplifier to drive the existing speakers. All 3 speakers are in impeccable...
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    WTB 2.1 speakers

    Looking for a 2.1 setup, an upgrade over my Edifier C2. Ideally looking for something 5k-ish. Could possibly go up to double that, if something really nice turns up. These are for general listening on my desktop machines, and not looking for anything too bass-heavy. Also open to buying new...