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    Android OTG issue with OnePlus 6

    Hi guys, I have been facing OTG issue with my OnePlus6 after updating to Oxygen OS 10. Whenever I connect Type-C usb nothing happens(this is after turning on otg storage). The same pendrive is working normally on OnePlus6T on same OS version. This the first time I am facing any issues with my...
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    Looking for better WiFi speed

    Hi guys, at the moment I am having Den boomband with 100Mbps Down and 5 Mbps Up plan. Now the WiFi router (provided by Den) is placed in lobby which is the center of the house. The router does offer good range all over the house, but I am not particularity happy with the fluctuating speeds. My...
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    Replacement router for DEN

    Hi guys, at the moment I am using DEN broadband. These guys offer great broadband plan and services at least in my locality, but the router provided by them has really low WiFi range. So I am looking to get a wireless repeater or a replacement router. Any suggestions would help greatly.
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    Anyone using den boomband in delhi.?

    Hi guys i looking for a user feedback for den boomband in delhi. Den has recently launched this internet service in my area and i am looking forward to get it, but i dnt know anyone who is use den boomband thats why u am looking for a feedback and change my crappy mtnl net. Thanks
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    Want to start cab business.

    Hi guys. I am a 25 year old guy who lives in delhi and currently working in BPO. I always wanted to do some kind of business but never really had the finance and the support needed to start something. I had few good business ideas in the past but they needed way to much money to get it started...
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    Voltas windows a/c not cooling.?

    Hi, guys i have a 1.5ton voltas windows ac it was working properly but all of a sudden it has stopped cooling. For ex if i set the temp at 21deg the compressor will start at let's say 29 deg and stop at 25 deg. Is the temprature sensor is at fault..?. Thanks
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    Budget 51-70k Looking for a ultrabook under 60k

    I am looking for a ultraportable laptop under 60k. I will be using it for casual use and sometime autocad. I really like the macbook air but i dont like the apple os to much, i know i can install win8 on it but i wanna know is it worth it or not. Also wanna know what portable windows laptop i...
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    Cannot connect to router using telnet please help.?

    Hi guys, i am trying to connect my belkin router using telnet but i am getting a error saying that unable to connect because of port 23...?
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    Looking for split ac with hot & cold funtionality..?

    Hi guys, i am looking for a split with hot & cold functionality. My room size is 140sq ft and compressor will be placed on the wall facing direct sunlight. 1st priority is superior cooling and energy saving is secondry. Please suggest some models according to my needs. Prefferd brands are daikin...
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    Audio Confused which 2.1 speakers to buy.....?

    Hi guys i am looking for a 2.1 speaker system within a budget of 2500rs. So far i have shortlisted these HERCULES XPS 2.1 20, CREATIVE INSPIRE t3130, LOGITECH Z313. My requirement are that speakers should sound crisp and the bass should be tight not boomy(i really like bass). I had a F&D A520...
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    FS: Others corsair cx430 v2 for sale

    i guys i want to sell my corsair cx430 v2 it is just 20 days old with bill.I bought it because its a nice psu but i didn't knew what kind of power i would be needing that's why i am upgrading to bigger psu.Anyone interested can contact me.thnx
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    Monitors 23 inch led monitor vs 27 inch tv

    Hi guys, i want to know which one will be better a 23" led monitor or 27" tv for 1080p gaming.I'll be connecting it to my pc.with tv i have a benefit that i can put it on the wall and also watch tv while pc will be running in the background.But i don't want to compromise on quality. I know led...
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    Graphic Cards Can i fit a hd7850 on asus p8b75 mle

    Hi guys, i want to know that can i fit a hd 7850 on asus p8b75 mle, because i think the card will touch the ram and audio ports on the rear i/o.Also i want to know which one is the pcie 3.0 slot(there is 2 pcie slots one is blue and other is black).Thanx I have cooler master 431 elite if that...
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    Storage Solutions Is wd caviar green worth buying...?

    hi guys, i want to buy a 1tb hard disk for my new rig, this is gonna be my primary hard drive.I wanted to know is WD caviar green worth buying. My rig config is core i5 3450,corsair vengence 4gb,asus p8b75.I have a budget of 5500rs,so please suggest me a good hard drive in this price range.I am...
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    Graphic Cards Which graphic cards can run on corsair cx430 psu

    Hi,i have build a new cpu(core i5 3450,4gb ram,1tb hdd,cx430).Now i am thinking of getting a graphic card that can run 1080p games.please suggest me some graphic that can run on cx430psu.Thanks
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    Budget 21-30k building a gaming pc step by step

    hi,i want to build a gamig pc from scratch,but rite now i olny have a budget of i have decided to buy all the necessary things first n i'll buy graphics card after 1 or 2 more thing is that i only need CPU as i already have the monitor,ups,speakers etc.I have made a list of...
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    looking for a pc under 30k

    1. Q: What is your budget? a. 30k 2. Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) a. CPU - dual core b. Motherboard - its a gigabyte don't know the exact model c. GPU - 512mb ati radeon integrated graphics d. RAM - 2GB DDR2 1600MHz e. Monitor -...