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    Micromax Funbook Pro Initial Impressions

    Micromax funbook pro P500 10 inch ,8GB andriod ICS tablet. In-laws laptop gone bad with estimated repair costing a so high..getting a new was decision and responsibility came to me to search for replacement.funbook pro launched at right time and seeing their usager (ocassional mail and FB...
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    Some weekend shopping

    Went shopping this weekend good ol fashioned way online this time..yep though was a little bit more expensive and also not all products/brands can be checked..but at times even this feels like good fun ;)...checking the stuff personally,comparing...taking a demo...small talk with sales...
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    Buffalo HDD at Croma

    Saw some good deals at Croma.Some offers going on there. Buffalo 1 TB external HDD is available there for Rs. 4994 only. looked good deal so thought to share if anyone is interested. Some offer is currently going on, offer should be there for some more days but not sure. HDD is USB 2.0 one...
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    PC Peripherals New PC Config - suggestions please

    Hi Friends. Off late i have started to miss a PC in my life hence am planning to buy one. Have been browsing though different threads since last few days and have zeroed on below mentioned config. Budget is 35k for now. Purpose will be playing HD contents, some office work and ofcourse gaming...