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    Galaxy watch from Buyer of Galaxy S10

    Galaxy S10 has been launched with an offer of Galaxy Watch for Rs 9999. I am willing to but the same for Rs 15000 from anyone who just wants the phone.
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    Samsung Flagship phones Disposable?

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 two years back. Though it served me quite well, the battery is no more the same. Have been going to Samsung Repair Center since last one month but the battery was never available. They suggested that I submit my phone and then maybe they will arrange after talking to...
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    WTB Gskill Ripjaws 2GB or 4 GB DDR3 1333mhz

    I am looking to upgrade the RAM of my old computer. Looking for 2 Module of 2GB or 4GB. Currently I have 2+2GB installed.
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    Laptops Advice for Laptop bag with good bottom padding

    Got a Lenovo 15.6" laptop with Lenovo supplied Targus bag. The problem with the bag is that it has absolutely no padding on the bottom corners. So you have to place the laptop very carefully on any surface or the laptop corner hits the surface. I am looking to replace it with a reasonably...
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    Suggest a wifi router with 8-ports for LAN

    I am running short of LAN ports for printer etc. Could not manage to find a reasonably priced router. Looking for your suggestions.
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    Vodafone Unethical services

    I just ported to vodafone from Airtel as I was getting a good offer. But the experience has been far from smooth. Main cause is Over Clever staff. I had subscribed to Rs 100 3G 250GB Plan. In just 2 days I got a call from Vodafone that I was about to exceed the Data limit and made me upgrade...
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    Samsung Mobile Service Feedback

    I have been a Galaxy series user since last many years. My brother had heating problems in Samsung Galaxy S4 handset. The heating was to the extent that the Screen got spoilt. The screen was replaced. But the phone was still heating. Then they changed the mobo but the problem remained. After...
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    iOS Problem with Iphone 5 and Vodaphone

    I have an iphone 5 with firmware 7.x.x. Ever since the phone has been upgraded from ios 6.x.x, it stops making or receiving calls if the Wifi is turned on. So I took the phone to Iphone service center. The lady said that it was a problem with Vodaphone network and the problem would remain even...
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    Graphic Cards MSI closed shop in India?

    I just saw a post in a different forum that a person is not getting a reply from MSI India for warranty. So I spoke to a dealer friend of mine. According to him MSI has closed shop since 31.03.2013. Presuming that MSI has actually closed, does anyone have any idea that how will people get...
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    Audio Suggestion on 5.1 Home Theater

    I am planning to install a Home Theater in my room. I was thinking of going for Bose Lifestyle T20 after hugely stretching my budget to Rs 1.57L approx. Just want some cheaper alternatives with good sound and minimal clutter.
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    WTB Graphics Card Nvidia GTX560 or higher

    Hi I am looking for an Nvidia GTX 560 or higher. Preferred location Delhi. PM your offers.
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    FS: Video Card Leadtek TV Tuner Card TV2000 XP Global (Hardly used)

    Selling a TV Tuner Card bought about 2-3 years back. Expected Price: Rs 1200 Reason for Sale: Dont require it since I now have a TV Purchase Invoice Available: No Product Condition: Accessories are unused. Even the card hasnt been used much. Accessories Included: Remote, Remote sensor and...
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    Mtnl Modem On My Beetal Modem 450Bxi Getting Hacked

    Recently my modem has started to get hacked! If I open or , I am directed to! But it shows in address bar. Somehow the hacker manages to change the DNS settings on the modem and change the password! So I cannot make changes to the modem...
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    Bad experience on Timtara

    Bought some goods on Timtara after being lured by the Gift coupons. But Even after 15 days, I have not got the delivery. The customer care person says that it will take a week more due to some technical problems. Further the customer care is not helpful with the cancellation. My credit card bill...
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    Can you invite me to torrent listing sites

    Hi I am totally new to torrents. Was looking for invites to torrentleech, hdbits etc. Please dont ask for stats since I have to yet download anything!
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    Does any wifi dongle work with Panasonic TV?

    Got a Panasonic TV which is wifi ready if I use a dongle. I want to know if I will have to buy the Panasonic Dongle or can I use any dongle?
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    Video How good are Toshiba LCD TV's

    Toshiba is selling LCD's at the lowest prices in Delhi. The Pen drive 32 " LCD costs Rd 19K while the LED costs 23K. Picture quality in the 19K TV was looking fine. (They also have a 17K TV with useless picture quality) My employee had bought a 24" Toshiba TV which had problems with the Panel...
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    Help buying a vacuum cleaner

    I am planning to buy a vacuum cleaner. I have shortlisted a LG 1800W approx Rs 7500. Just wanted suggestion from existing users of vacuum cleaners.
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    Existing buyers of SII - Which case are you using to protect the Samsung Salaxy SII

    Hi Just bought a galaxy SII. Was wondering what people are using as a case. There is an original puch which is good, but the phone needs to be pulled out everytime someone calls! Was wondering what the existing users are using. And what are they happy/unhappy with? Was using an otterbox with...
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    Remote kit and IR blaster for Windows Media centre

    Require an MCE remote kit compatible with windows 7 x64 because Windows media centre cannot tune into composite video. pm your offers shipped to Delhi.