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    Budget 0-20k corsair cxv2 430 or corsair cx430

    hi, after going thru many posts which recomended corsair cxv2430 i went to lamington road where the v2 version is not available only cx 430 version is available, the price is 2700-2800 rs. should i buy the corsair cx430 or should i insist and wait for corsair cxv2430. thanks dr_ashish
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    Biostar - Abacus Peripherals - RMA complaints

    Hi guys, need your help out here. i bought an BIOSTAR TA 790 GXE 128 M + AMD PHENOM 2 555 BE one and a half years back. System was running well till march 2012 . motherboard was given to the service center ABACUS peripherals at grant road ,mumbai. repaired mother board was given to me...