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  1. geek ashish

    How to format 64 gb pen drive in Fat32

    I have a sanDisk 64 gb OTG pendrive. Currently it is NTFS. I have tried a few things to format it in FAT32 so that I can use it with my mobile. Right clicking and selecting Format, does show FAT32 option. Other than DOS commands, I have tried FAT32Format...
  2. geek ashish

    Storage Solutions where can I buy LEFT angle sata cable?

    I'm in Thane, Mumbai My config AMD phenom II x4 925 2*2 GB and 1* 4GB DDR3 Gigabyte Ga-MA785GMT-US2H motherboard (bought friend's yesterday) Palit ATI4850 512 graphic card PCIe CM 690 HDDs sata 1 x 1 tb, 1 x 320 gb, 1 x 500 gb and 1 sata DVD writer No the problem is the GFX card is covering...
  3. geek ashish

    Less than 10K buying Moto Atrix 4g, any better option in price range??

    Buying in a week's time. I one of those very few guys who try to keep a phone for atleast 2-3 yrs (currently using 5800) Due to sudden other expenses (and sudden death of beloved Nokia 5800), cannot buy Moto G. Best cheaper option I found, is Moto Atrix 4g on ebay. could not find AtrixHd :( :(...
  4. geek ashish

    CPU/Mobo Two RAM modules, one works in both slots, one does in just one

    System Intel E8400 3.0Ghz Gigabyte G41-combo (2 slots for DDR3 and 2 slots for DDR2) Transcend 4 GB DDR3 (works in both slots) Corsair value select 4 GB DDR3 (works only in one slot) (belongs to a friend) Few HDDs Palit 4850 512MB Corsair VX450 Win 7 ultimate Currently both RAM installed and PC...
  5. geek ashish

    PC Peripherals Creative SBS 370 power adapter for testing

    Creative SBS 2.1 370 is the speaker set I got from a friend, but It came without it's power supply. He scrapped his old P3 or P4 pc, the speakers came to me. these are the power supply details SBS 2.1 37011.5V AC 1.6Amps As I, nor my friend, don't know if the speakers are working properly, I...
  6. geek ashish

    Storage Solutions Where To Buy Seagate FreeAgent Desk power adapter

    My friend has this 1.5TB Seagate FreeAgent Desk ext desktop hdd. Apparently, it's power adapter is not working. I tried my other friend's adapter and it worked. So we need to buy the adapter for his HDD. specs are DV output 12V 2amp Does Seagate sell it as accessory, ie separately ?
  7. geek ashish

    WTB Short length USB 3 cable for WD external drive

    I got something like this free with the WD Elements SE 1.0 TB Left it at a friend's house and he flew to Qatar :D I'm in mumbai.
  8. geek ashish

    antivirus for a computer without internet

    I tried to search the forum but could not find a similar thread A friend needs an antivirus s/w for her home PC the PC is mainly used for movies and some games (onboard gfx) by her brother. PC config i3, 2gb ddr3, 500gb hdd OS:win7 32 bit no internet connection at all. no 3g/2g dongle, no...
  9. geek ashish

    FS: Headphone JVC Marshmallow unused

    JVC Marshmallow (White) Expected Price: Rs. 300/- +50 shipped Product Condition: Brand New ie RMA Time of Purchase: Received it from RMA today, purchased on 15-2-13 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: till 15-5-2013, so almost nil Reason for Sale: bought other...
  10. geek ashish

    CPU/Mobo HELP : 3.3v ... BIOS shows 2.7v but multimeter shows 3.3

    PC config Intel 5300 Asus mobo 512+1 GB DDr400 RAM Samsung 80GB SATA SONY DVD RW 17CRT Iball UPS I ball PSU (not more than 6 months old) My friend's PC has this problem for more than 6 months now. The WindowsXP OS keeps on crashing frequently. almost every 1-2 months. last install was 3 weeks...
  11. geek ashish

    [Help] Networking Query

    Need help in networking in friend’s office. There are two rooms with different MTNL Triband internet lines with respective routers. Each router has 3 PCs connected to it for internet and file sharing. Now we want all PCs in Room1 and Room2 to be in a network for file sharing but Room1 PCs...
  12. geek ashish

    CPU/Mobo Can D2500HN perform as office PC?

    Few months ago my uncle's Asus motherboard stopped working. I can not find a new motherboard for him, so now we have decided to buy a new mobo+cpu+ram Due to budget constraints, he finalised on Intel D2500HN. BTW all he knows about computers is MS office, email and Card games. That's all...
  13. geek ashish

    WTB Motherboard for AMD AM2 cpu, around Mumbai

    Hi guys, I need a motherboard for my cousin CPU is AMD Athlon64 X2 AM2 (4400+ or 4800+) RAM DDR2 something like asus M2A-VM I'll buy the motherboard personally. No shipping (had a bad experience in past) I live in Thane, so Mumbai, New Mumbai, kalyan etc is good Thanks - Ashish
  14. geek ashish

    Monitors Suggest 1080 LED MATT LCD display

    Hi guys, my dear old CRT blew up last night. need to buy a LCD now. I'll buy it in Thane ( or mumbai) requirements 1. MATT finish screen panel ( Very important) 2. 1080 resolution (for movies) 3. Good A.S.Service ( Samsung, dell etc) 4. 9-12 hours/day use. 5. Movies (mostly) and office use...
  15. geek ashish

    Graphic Cards Plz Suggest Graphic card for video editing and animation

    My friend is building two machine for his office config will include Intel i7 16 GB RAM 2TB+ HDDs 24" displays I'm not sure abt two things which graphic card and motherboard? (in past I knew there was quadro, no clue about current scene) plz when you suggest gfx card, give approx cost...
  16. geek ashish

    PC Peripherals All videos play audio un-synched

    Hey guys, I've got a weird problem in my PC. From past 4-5 days, all my videos play weird, including online eg youtube and facebook. I need to adjust the audio to -750ms in K-lite and VLC. I can do this with downloaded vdos but what to do with online vdos? I'm using Win7 ultimate 32 bit and H/W...
  17. geek ashish

    WIn 7 32bit BSOD problem, dmp file posted

    Hey guys, a friend bought a new PC 2-3 months ago AMD Phenom X2 945 Gigabyte ma785Gmt-us2h motherboard OCZ 2 GB DDR3 FSP Saga 350 Seagate 500gb some old IDe HDD old compaq cabinet and 17" CRT he gets a BSOd almost every time he plays a game for some time. eg circket , fifa 09, the games that...
  18. geek ashish

    Laptops Which laptop to buy? 30K, Mumbai

    Hi, posting this query on behalf of my younger brother we are total noobs when it comes to laptops, just surfed TE for couple of days. What's your Budget? 25k to 30K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Programming ( .net, VB, SQL), demo to clients, web surfing, office apps...
  19. geek ashish

    Audio Plz suggest : Headphones <1000/-

    Hi guys, I was using I-ball 860MV for last 2-3 years. Bought a few of them. But my last pair died today and I-ball doesn't make them any more. Also their current headphones don't satisfy my basic requirement. I tried iball i693MV Retractable, did not like them. I look for a headphone pair -...
  20. geek ashish

    Suggest a Internal TV Tuner card

    System AMD Phenom ii X4 Gigabyte MA785GMT-US2H 4Gb RAm 500GB HDD Samsung B2230 LCD Need a TV Tuner card for recording and viewing Remote control is preferable Windows 7 64bit compatible. Budget 2K approx Mumbai