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  1. sj88

    English TV series discussion

    On the contrary I liked that. That shows the people are stupid and can make stupid decisions under pressure. I didn't fully understand the mindset of the lead female character to the end. But her acting was rock solid given that it was her first lead.
  2. sj88

    Android How to sanitize the phone

    I don't take my smartphone when I leave home nowadays. I have a feature phone which is coming handy as it is much easier to sanitize.
  3. sj88

    (Politics) Social media giant Facebook and BJP/Modi nexus

    Despite this being in public domain now, I think it will hardly matter to people. Opposition will scream and demanding answers, for few days and then they will stop too. Government as usual won't respond and would hope some other issue would come up and grabs the people's attention.
  4. sj88

    Android Where to buy Phone/Tablet Spare parts online?

    Thanks for these sources. I will be avoiding this site.
  5. sj88

    Budget 0-20k Looking for a new CPU Air cooler

    Thermaltake Contac 21 CLP0600 It is out of stock though but it is designed for 140W TDP CPU.
  6. sj88

    WTB Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4)

    I am looking to buy preowned copy of Resident Evil 2 Remake for PS4 in a good condition. Location: Delhi
  7. sj88

    Budget 25-30k Successor for my OnePlus 3T

    Any phone which allows you to unlock your bootloader is actually compromising the security. Also if you try to re-lock the bootloader, you are asking for a bricked device. So, as the other people have mentioned in the post, if you want the customization, then you will have to compromise on...
  8. sj88

    Android Where to buy Phone/Tablet Spare parts online?

    Can you please share those links showing bad reviews? Even I was thinking of purchasing the housing for my older OnePlus device and the price seems reasonable.
  9. sj88

    Less than 10K Google Pixel - Is it a good phone and should I buy?

    Newer pixel phones are not available here and if you are talking about older generation phones, then don't bother. Apart from the good camera, you are not getting much. You can instead buy POCO F1 and install custom ROM (pixel experience) and flash the Google Camera API to get the same camera...
  10. sj88

    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    Agree, but these "actors" are elected by us only and yet we have such low expectations of them. Such is the reality of our society.
  11. sj88

    Corona virus

    Is this the mutated version of the coronavirus or the original strain? How come it took them almost half a year to come to this conclusion? Anyway, as long as people are wearing the masks properly, it's free flow can be restricted.
  12. sj88

    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I would suggest to sell it in parts. But, you should sell CPU + motherboard + RAM together. Case would be very difficult to sell to other locations owing to shipping cost and challenges. Although I have no idea about pricing of other parts, depending on the warranty, the GPU can easily be sold...
  13. sj88

    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    These are the fine examples. +1 for Lego games. If the kids are fan of Harry Potter series or watched any of the Lego animated movies, you can find their gaming counterparts as well. Plague can also be considered as it has great story and an excellent regional pricing. 1593965961 I actually saw...
  14. sj88

    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    It was never made available here because the publisher decided not to. Why? It is rumored to be linked to a "cow" controversy. I am in same boat as you but I now buy 2-3 games on major sales which I know I would definitely play. My backlog currently stands at around 200 games most of which I...
  15. sj88

    Budget 25-30k Successor for my OnePlus 3T

    7T is still selling on Amazon. If you want to lease a new life into your 3T, might I suggest you to install custom ROM like lineageOS. Being a long time user of my OnePlus One and still using it, I would say these custom ROMs do bring new life to your old devices but you will have to compromise...
  16. sj88

    FS: Desktops High end PC components including monitor and router for sale

    Received the monitor in great condition. Kudos for packaging and shipping. Thanks for the deal.
  17. sj88

    FS: Desktops High end PC components including monitor and router for sale

    Any chance that we can split shipping charges 50-50?
  18. sj88

    FS: Desktops High end PC components including monitor and router for sale

    Is that including shipping charges? (BTW, I reside in Delhi). If yes, I will take it.
  19. sj88

    WTB: Z87/Z97 Motherboard

    My Gryphon died last month. Thankfully it was still in warranty but Asus doesn't have replacement unit. So, I am looking for the replacement.