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  1. soulweaver

    Do you believe in God?

    Yes. Aham Brahma. Rather than Aham Brahmasmi. Scriptures are open to interpretarion. None of them actually talk about god. Aham Brahmasmi simply means, I belong to the clan of Brahmins/Brahmas. The variation Aham Brahma translates to Aham (ego/self) Brahma (creator). It means I am my own...
  2. soulweaver

    FS: Home Audio Video Edifier S730D Gaming/Home Theater Speakers

    Hence my apologies before hand. And my apology still stands! And it is unconditional! Thank you for restoring the faith of all of us! If you are still willing to deal with me, Please let me know. If not, I understand, and I would say no foul, because I raised the stink.
  3. soulweaver

    Do you believe in God?

    अहम् ब्रह्मा:
  4. soulweaver

    FS: Home Audio Video Edifier S730D Gaming/Home Theater Speakers

    Edited to remove unnecessary stuff*
  5. soulweaver

    Budget 0-20k Suggestion required to build a gaming PC under $1500

    That depends on where you are buying it from. Prices in India are higher than those in the US, and by a significant margin, especially in the case of processors and gfx cards. If you are in the US, you can get a lot more for the price. I think you could do R7 3700 and an RTX 2070. Look for...
  6. soulweaver

    Budget 90k+ Which option is cheaper, buying online or from Nehru place?

    For me, if the price difference is small, I prefer buying online purely for the convenience of having a record of the invoice for warranty purposes, should I need it. Personally, I am not good with keeping track of all the bills. But generally speaking, I haven't found too much of a difference...
  7. soulweaver

    Android Truecaller alternative?

    It doesn't work well imho. For that, they would need funding. I tried it in several countries (outside the US), and it never really worked for me. On a side note, I love OSS, and as much as possible support the devs by buying their stuff or donating to them.
  8. soulweaver

    Which VPN for India?

    Hello! What is the purpose for moving entirely to a VPN? That, I think should be a good starting point. If you are looking for privacy and all, the choices are different. If you are looking for speeds, the choices are different. There are definitely VPN providers that strike a balance, but...
  9. soulweaver

    Android Truecaller alternative?

    It is unlikely there will ever be one. But I do hope it does come about. The whole purpose of the app is to verify the indentity, which will mean that it will harvest contact data. And doing that will need money. And lots of us do not want to pay. There is something called Hiya (bundled with...
  10. soulweaver

    Pc turns off automatically without BSOD every 45,30,15,10 mins automatically Windows 7 os

    Agree with @princeoo7 . Check if all the fans are spinning. Especially the one on the CPU and in the power supply. Giving it a blowjob... i mean the kind that's given with a blower could sort the issues sometimes.
  11. soulweaver

    FS: Headphone Audio -Technica ATH-DSR7BT , 8 months old, Final Drop 14.5K

    Product received as described. Feedback left!
  12. soulweaver

    FS: Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE

    @Beep this is an amazing tablet. I use ipad pro and a tab s6 for note taking, and with the latest update to Samsung notes, it blows the ipad pro outta the water. @ayaskant12 good luck for the sale mate!
  13. soulweaver

    Selling Stolen Products in Market section

    Man! Haven't seen TE being this active since ages. While I am sad that the mods are getting shtick, I am really happy that all the oldies are up and about. And on the topic, I think the only thing anyone can do is, be aware. The mods aren't in it for the money. Barring the accusations...
  14. soulweaver

    PC Peripherals Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Writing.

    I write and I also game fairly frequently (4 published books so far and content for several test prep companies and websites) and have been doing that for about a decade and a half. I will type a more detailed response if you want it, but tldr is that, buy inexpensive keyboards that feel good...
  15. soulweaver

    User Review Cheap Mechanical LED Keyboard - Hcman - 87 Keys

    @TechFrost not really delighted, but not really bummed either. The CosmicByte ones are showing signs of key trouble, so I am guessing they will last for a year and a half or so of regular typing. I write books and all, so about 1500 words a day is normal. One of the two original Hcman I bought...
  16. soulweaver

    FS: Tablet iPad Pro 11 256gb wifi 3rd gen| Protection plan till Oct 2021

    That's a great price. Damn tempted. Free bump!
  17. soulweaver

    Audiophiles Assemble - There goes Legendary SSL2+ burning a hole in my pocket

    This is proof that you live and learn. This thread showed me once again how little I know. I could read everything, but damn, I don't know sh*t. Thanks for all the info and the required dose of humility! All you gents, deserve at least a like each!
  18. soulweaver

    What is the best Antivirus For Home Use ?

    Wouldn't trust avast. There have been multiple reports of it being snoopware. You should look at the thread posted here in this forum itself.
  19. soulweaver

    FS: Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE

    Dang... tempted to buy this one... Love the Tabs, and prefer them over ipads for sheer pen functionality... Had this been an S7+, I would have snapped this up in a trice.