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    Free Kaspersky Internet Security 3 User License [MIR]

    KASPERSKY lab Internet Security 2011--- (3 User) -$50 Mail-in Rebate [Exp. 03/13/11] - Shailesh
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    Amazon's Kindle 3

    I bought 'Kindle 3' wi-fi only edition for myself a month ago and have been using it since then. Even though many TE members own Kindle, I thought it would be nice to write a brief review on Kindle which could be reference to others seeking insight. About Kindle: Kindle is an e-reader and a...
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    Camera Getting D90 | which lens to buy

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy D90 with following options: # D90 with kit 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens at $940 # Prime lens AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D - $140 What do you guys think about the kit lens or I should dump the kit lens and get something else... like a Sigma...
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    VISA agents contact required | Mumbai

    hi all, I want to get US VISA for my mom. I am not able to get an interview date myself from vfs. So if you know any agent from Mumbai who have helped you/friends in getting VISA please pm me his/her contact detail.
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    LCD Monitor | Gigabyte PSU | AGP HD 3850 for quick sale

    DELL LCD Monitor | Gigabyte 460W PSU Hi Guys, Following are the items I would like to sell. LCD Final Price drop 9K Product: Dell S2409W LCD Monitor Time in Use: Since Jun'09 Warranty Status: 2Years and 2 months remaining Purchased From: TE Dealer Phoenix Selling Price: 9k + Shipping...
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    PS3 Games

    I Want to Buy following Used PS3 Game: 1) Metal Gear Solid 4 2) Killzone 2
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    Graphic Cards HD3850 Driver issue

    Hi All, I have HD3850 AGP card and my HTPC specs are: 2.4ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, Windows7 Ultimate OS(32bit). The issue is whenever I play HD video the video locks in mili seconds interval continuously and even breaks sometime. The card works fine with Windows XP. Is there a patch or workaround...
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    PSU >350W || <=450W && 80% efficiency

    Hi Guys, My existing PSU conked off, so I'm looking for an used power supply for my HTPC. Looking for a PSU which can give me 80% efficiency and can deliver 350-450W
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    Dual Sim phone suggestion

    I am looking for a dual sim phone. budget not to exceed 5k/- as I want to gift this to a friend. my requirements: dual sim decent screen good key pad I can't order from ebay as on 19-Aug I have to gift him. While searching ebay I found sciphone i9 and e71 pro dual sim phone nice. Can you guys...
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    Laptops Nvidia GeForce 200M Graphics Cards Just Made Your Notebook Old and Busted

    A year after Nvidia's monstrous GeForce 200 series graphics cards first stomped onto the scene (literally the biggest GPUs ever), Nvidia's finished making them mobile, delivering double the performance of current 9M series using half the power. The first GeForce 200M notebook cards—the...
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    [FS|FT] 100 Verbatim AZO CDR

    I Have spindle of 100 Verbatim AZO CDR bought from ebay @640/- with 300/- off coupon. Package opened to check the media. Offering at same price 640/- + shipping. Can trade for DL DVD or AA Charger for 2300mAh batteries
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    Tata Indicom implements caps on Unlimited plans.

    Got a call from tata Indicom today wherein he explained me: TCISL Fair Usage Policy (TCISL FUP) The evolving internet broadband scenario in India necessitates the management of limited high-speed bandwidth and network resources in the larger interests of Customers. In line with the practice...
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    WTB: PSP 2000 Modded

    Hi Guys, I want a PSP 2000 modded with any CFW within 7-8k. If in warranty, nothing better than it. Please Post/PM me your offers.
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    Sony much awaited 31st mar suprise:

    After much hyped Sony-We-ve-got-something-for-you-on-March-31 Sony has announced that it's dropping the price of the PlayStation 2 from $129 to $100 :@ as of April 1. #No PS3 price cut. #No new PS3 firmware 2.7 #No new PSP 2
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    Graphic Cards AGP Card and Windows prob

    I have a FX 5200 AGP which I planned to use with my old mobo today. I have Windows XP SP3 installed on machine. When I plugged in AGP card and booted the system, it booted properly and showed the XP progress bar but got hung at the logon window, only blue screen there(not BSOD). I have tried...
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    Security Software Heads Up: Confiker, M$ Scared

    :sos: get yourself patched!!! It's lurking in millions of PCs around the world. It's incredibly sophisticated and resilient, with built-in p2p and digital code-signing technology. It revels in killing security software. On April 1, the Conficker worm will activate. The scariest thing about the...
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    Worlds Most Pathetic Dance Video

    YouTube - Worlds Most Pathetic Dance Video
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    FS: Old Processor, Motherboard, SMPS and RAM

    Mumbai Buyers Preferred Intel D845GVSRL Motherboard Original Box (2x IDE cable, 1xFDD cable, In/Out Shield, Intel D845GVSR Express Installer CD) SOLD Intel Pentium4 1.70GHz 478pin Processor HSF included 600/- +Shipping Hynix 128MB DDR333 RAM SOLD Microtek 300W SMPS 200/- + Shipping Intel...
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    The Pomegranate Phone

    Look uber classic, an all in one device: Pomegranate | NS08 Must see the Coffee Brewer, Shaver and other fucntions. :lol: Wish it could have a underwear washer too :rofl:
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    Security Software Security tools for Checking application Vulnerability

    Hi Guys, Do you know any tools/utilities to check security holes(vulnerability) in applications developed in any programming languages like Java, JSP, ASP, HTML, Ruby etc.