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    FS: Mobile Ipad mini 64gb cellular / Nexus 6P and a bunch of other phones

    Hi everyone, Have a bunch of phones and tablets that have been lying unused in my cupboard for sometime now. Didn't get a chance to post them so here they are now. Most of them are in pretty great condition ( see pics ) Apple Ipad mini 64GB Wifi+cellular 4G ( With Leather case) Color : Space...
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    Creative inspire volume controller

    I know this is a long shot but someone might have one lying around. I lost the voulme controller for my creative inspire 5.1 speakers. I'm attaching a pic of it. The controller ends in a ps2 connector that connects to the attaching pics for reference. I'm not sure but any controller...
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    FS: Consoles PS4 Last of us remastered edition

    Hello Guys, Brand new sealed PS4 Last of us remastered edition for sale. Price with game 33,000 Price without game 31,000 P.S - DO NOT LOWBALL/ GIVE YOUR OPINION / CRAP MY THREAD/ CONDEMN ME TO HELL.IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN BUYING. DONT ASK ME TO HOLD/ BUG ME.( had a horrible experience on...
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    FS: Desktops Amd x3 440+Gigabyte Mobo+Ram+Corsair CX 430+Dual Fan XFX 6850 +Senheisser HD 558

    Hi guys, Got a great Budget Gaming System for sale.Selling off since I barely get time to use it ( Used twice in the last 6 months) .Everything is in great condition, never overclocked or abused in any way.I play most games at 1920*1080 at High settings with great FPS. All parts have warranty...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Ultra 320 SCSI hard drives and Adaptec Pci Scsi card

    Hi guys.Have the following for sale .All of them work fine. Hd tune Screenshots are in this album Pictures here Can use these on desktops too. Product Name: 3 * Compaq 36.4 GB 10k RPM Ultra wide 3 SCSI hard drives Expected Price: Rs 600 each Product Name: 1* Hp 36.4...
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    Storage Solutions What can I use these SCSI hdd for?

    Hi guys, Im a noob at scsi stuff. I need you to look at the pics and tell me what i can do with them. I have a few of them and was wondering whether to sell them off or maybe i can use them on my desktop using a scsi to sata converter ( is that even possible?) where can i get one? Oh btw they...
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    FS: Headphone Sealed Steelseries 5hV2

    Hey guys, I have a brand new sealed Steelseries 5h V2 for sale. Expected price: 3.6k shipped. (Good price considering it retails for 5.4k @flipkart ) Condition : new and SEALED Accessories: whatever that came with the box. Preferred courier : Dtdc Location ...
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    FS: MP3 Player Ipod touch 4g 32gb

    Hey guys, Looking to sell an Ipod touch 4g 32gb. Excellent condition 9.5/10 , used with front screen guard and back cover since day 1. Take a look at the images.Got it as a gift.warranty is over though i barely used it over the last few months as i dont have time. Was lying in my...
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    FS: Others Sealed Steelseries Sensei mouse

    Hey guys, I have a brand new Steelseries Sensei mouse for sale.Take a look at the pics at imgur below Photo Album - Imgur Expected price: 4.6k Shipped (Great price considering it retails for 6.8k+ @flipkart and ebay ) Condition : Brand new and Sealed Accessories: whatever that...
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    WTB Asus xonar dg

    Pm or reply here if anyone has one? preferably in warranty
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    Audio What soundcard for Hd 558

    Hi guys bought a new hd 558.Right now i have sucky onboard sound so wanna get a soundcard to pair these babies up...will the asus xonar dg be ok? or do i need sumthin better? thanks for the inputs
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    FS: Headphone Brand new Steelseries Siberia v2 (White)

    Hey guys, I have a brand new Steelseries Siberia v2 that i just got back from rma.Take a look at the pics at imgur below Photo Album - Imgur Expected price: 4.5k+ shipping. (Good price considering it retails for 7k+ @flipkart and ebay ) Condition : Scratchless,Spotless , 10/10...
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    WTB Steelseries SIbeia soundcard

    Hi Need a used Siberia usb soundcard. pm or reply here thankx
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    Steelseries Spectrum 5XB Gaming headphones for xbox 360/pc

    Hey Guys, Got a boxed Steelseries Spectrum 5XB headphones as a gift.Its designed for the xbox 360 but works with PC's as well( basically its the same as the steelseries 5H V2 ,they just changed the colors) details of the headphone and the audio mixer that comes with it here SteelSeries –...
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    PC Peripherals Need urgent help, PSU keep blowing up

    Hi I have this weird problem, so some inputs are appreciated. I have an APC BR1000IN UPS and since the past 2 days, as soon as I switched my pc on it was going in overload protection mode, i.e long beep and was cutting the output power. since yesterday, as soon as I try and switch the pc on...
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    Need laptop for g.f halp

    Hey guys, Im a laptop noob and have been out of touch from the market for sometime now.Need help in gettin a laptop for my g.f who got into law school in the U.S. So microsoft is running an offer where you buy from a selected lot of laptops and u get an xbox 360 arcade for free. (4gb one)...
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    PC Peripherals Need a gaming mouse??

    Hi guys First of all im right handed and i have small hands.I had a razer copperhead a few years ago and it fit my hands perfectly.I have an ikari optical right now that died,it felt big in my hands and i couldnt snipe properly.(though rifles and all are amazing).I primarily play FPS games...
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    Closet clearence: Touch Screen LCD, OBD2, GPS, XBOX Accessories, mobile phone

    Have multiple items for sale, selling some on behalf of a friend and some are mine. 1) 7" Touch Screen LED secreen (VGA & Automatic rear view) Working Voltage DC 11.5-13V DC Working Current 0.7A(MAX: 1A) Working Temperature 0~70 Storage Temperature -20~-80 Input configuration Two video...
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    Coolermaster Notepal ergostand+RazerGoliathus+Exactmat+coolermaster ak mousepad

    Hey guys, I have the following stuff for sale.Theyve been lying around unused so wanna get rid of them. CoolerMaster Notepal Ergostand Review here - Cooler Master Notepal ErgoStand Review | Overclockers Condition: 9.5/10 . Works perfectly. Got it as a gift this december. Reason 4 Sale: not...
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    Ati 6850

    Hey guys Want a good condition me ur offers