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    Microsoft 365 group buy

    Hi everyone, I want to share Microsoft 365 license with 5 other members. What will you get (1) 1 TB online storage. (2) Office apps like Word, PowerPoint etc (More details here) (3) 60 minutes international skype talk time per month. (4) A few other things. Each member will get his own 1 TB...
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    Camera Query about Memory cards

    Hello everyone, I recently saw a memory card bundled with a camera by the brand. The max write speed supported by the memory card is upto 70 mbps but the camera can record videos at 100 mbps. So does that mean that the camera writes data in its buffer first and then writes it again on the memory...
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    FS: Video Card GTX 760 4GB 2 years warranty

    The card was registered for extended warranty and I will share the ticket number with the buyer. Looking for a quick sale but no low balling please.
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    GTX 1060, 1070 or 980 TI

    Hello, I want to buy a GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1070 or 980 Ti. PM me if anyone wants to sell. I can also consider other graphic cards if the offer is good. Thank you.
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    FS: Processor AMD phenom X4 955, Athlon X2 4000+,DDR 2 RAM

    Phenom X4 955 black edition, never overclocked. It is nearly three years old.I don't have motherboard so i will not be able to post cpu screenshots but I can give a testing warranty of 5 days. Price- Sold Athlon X2 4000 + processor. Again no mobo so a testing warranty of 5 days. Price- Sold...
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    CPU/Mobo Screen flickering issue

    Hello all, My pc config is Gigabyte B85 D3H,i5 4440,2* 4gb Corsair C9 ddr3,Corsair VS 650,Samsung EVO ssd, Win 8.1. currently i am not using any GPU. Sometimes my pc is showing distortions and flickering as shown in the pic. Flickering is horizontal and there is KHHHHRRRRRRRRR noise. Only...
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    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 760 2GB with 4.5 years warranty.

    Hello all, I registered my card on ZOTAC website so I have extended warranty of 5 years. I will send the ticket number and the mail i got from ZOTAC to the buyer. I bought it from flipkart.
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    PC Peripherals Buying a new computer case - 5k budget

    Hello everyone, My budget is 5000 max and i want to buy a new pc case. My current cpu cooler is Hyper tx3 and Graphics card is GTX 760. I have one old 250 gb HDD, a Samsung SSD, an external 1 TB HDD and i will add a 2 tb HDD later. I want support for tall coolers, long GPU and plenty of...
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    WTB wanted gtx 560 ti or 660 under warranty.

    Hi, Anyone having gtx 560 ti or 660 under warranty then PM me.
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    Galaxy s3 international warranty

    Hello guys, I am getting a 3 months old galaxy s3 16gb version for 20k, the seller is saying he bought it from australia and the handset comes with international warranty. Is there something called international warranty for galaxy s3 ?
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    lg optimus vs samsung galaxy advance vs attrix 2

    Hello i want to buy a new phone under 20k 1. Budget? below 20k but stretchable to 22k if something exceptional is out there. 2. Display type and size? No particular preference for Amoled or IPS but atleast 4 inches should have very good clarity for everyday use and hd gaming, hd...