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    Steam Gift giveaway: DOTA 2

    Hi Guys, suddenly i find my Steam inventory to be full of 5 Dota 2 beta keys. Please post here if you want any. Please post your Steam ids along with your request. You would need to convince me that you are not a free-loader, either you should own at least 3 paid games on Steam(which I will...
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    EVE Online noob.

    Hi all, I have recently started playing EVE online, and did like it. I have subscribed as well. Was looking for an Indian corp. to avoid time zone problems. Anyone having any knowledge of in this matter please share some info!!! Thanks in advance
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    Laptops Laptop with discrete gfx

    I have decided to buy a laptop after a long time. My requirements: 1. Should have a better gfx card than the intel onboards. 2. Should cost at max 40k. 3. Any cpu (dual core) ~2Ghz will do. ~2MB l2 should be fine. 4. RAM 2 GB or more. 5. Screen size does not matter but I would prefer at most a...
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    Counter Strike Airtel Bangalore Weird Problem

    Hi all, I am a "broadband" customer of Airtel in Bangalore for the last 1.5 years. Having had previous dealings with a couple of other ISP-s including BSNL, I would say this 1.5 years have been more or less trouble free. Of course, lately I am pained to see the actions taken by Airtel by...
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    FS Motorola RAZR V8 512 MB

    Posting on behalf on my colleague. He bought this phone on Dec'07 from Dubai. When he came back, use of mobile phones with camera was banned in our office :@ . Since it was new he could not make himself to part with it :D , nor could he use it, so he put it in the original box and stored it...
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    Nokia E51 Without camera - where to buy?

    Please help me find a E51 w/o camera to buy. In India or U.S. webesite so that I can get via kmd.
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    CPU/Mobo Which non-IGP AM2+ Motherboard?

    Hi guys, I am in the market for a motherboard - AM2+ socket, I have a X2 5000+ Black and plan to upgrade to phenoms later. I was looking at the 780Gs and 790Gxs, the 790FX being out of my budget. But since I have a 4850 and the hybrid crossfire is still not useful for 48xx series (correct me...
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    TF2 Crash problem and solution

    Hi all, I have been playing TF2 for a month or so now (as Gr8Nub @ star hub servers). Still recently I was getting random crashes to desktop after playing after 10mins or as long as 40 mins. Was baffled with all of it. Sometime would even get BSOD!!! Here is my previous config: AMD 5000+ Black...
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    PC Peripherals Info: Coping OS partition to new HDD

    Recently due to the huge drop in prices of hdd-s many of us bought newer hdd-s. Some of us, like myself, would want to relocate the boot os partition from our old hdd to the newer one, and since we want our current os settings to be same, because it takes a hell lot of unique customizations and...
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    Motorola S9 or Dell BH200

    Hi ppl, am planning on buying a bluetooth headset for listening to music via my SE W950i. Am not able to decide whether to go for Motorola S9 or the Dell BH200. The Motorola s9: The Dell Bh200: Obviously as long as looks are concerned the Mototola s9 wins hands down. But when the prices are...
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    PC Peripherals Upgrading ... post your thoughts

    Well, have been saving up for a complete overhaul around Dec 08, but circumstances are so that it seems that I might be in a bit of a financial crunch around that time. For a good overhaul at year end I was aiming to spend around 35K on mobo, gfx card and ram and maybe cpu if that would come in...
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    PC Peripherals Of PSU, UPS, PFC and Sine wave

    Ok, a lot of talk is now going on about PSU and UPS compatibility. That is mostly because, many of us who prefer buying better to best components for our beloved rigs find that arguably most of the best PSU-s (Corsair, Tagan etc.) are not compatible with the undoubtedly best UPS-s i.e the house...
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    A couple of good deals on Nvidia 9800 GTX and 8800 GT

    1) 9800GTX 512mb @ $180:*|*BFG 2) 8800GT 512mb (ECS) @ $145: - ECS N8800GT-512MX+ GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards I thought these are pretty low prices.
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    WTB: Counter Strike Anthology .... need it phast

    Need the above phast. KMD is not responding so posting here. pm me or post here. Will do online a/c xfer ... preferrably ICICI cos it is phast!!!! :hap2:
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    WTB: Laptop for ebrowsing and light misc usage

    Hi guyz, Posting this on behalf of one of my friends. Need a laptop for browsing internet and misc. usage. Please send me your offers. Have gone through some of the lappy's on sale here but mostly do not suite the purpose because they are high end. We can get a new lappy with all the...
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    Help needed in buying microwave

    Hi all pundits and gurus, I am going to buy a microwave oven soon, please help me choose one. Required features: 1. Grill + Convection (both required, I cook and know what are these for, I think most ovens with that come with convection already have a grilling option). 2. Budget: Here comes...
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    PC Peripherals Windows XP boot up problem

    Hi guys, am faceing a weird problem for a couple of weeks now. When booting up the system stalls at the windows bootup screen (the black screen with windows xp written on it and the worm like thing with 3 segments going from left to right :ohyeah: ). The keyboard gets the check with all 3 lock...
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    WTB: Dell Vostro Laptop adapter

    My Dell vostro adapter has gone bad. Want to get a new/working one. Here is the model no.: PA - 12 family, DP/N: DF263 PA - 1650 -06D3
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    FS: 17" Samsung CRT

    Posting on behalf of my friend: Item for sale: Samsung CRT monitor 17". Model no.: 793S Bought in Sept'05 Colour is white Running like a charm ... no problems whatsoever. Monitor is heavy, so local buyers who can pick it up would be preferred, shipping it outside B'lore would certainly cost...
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    FS: Cooler Master Extreme 380W PSU

    Hi guyz, selling my 4 month old Cooler master extreme series 380W smps. It is in immaculate condition. Features: # Fully supports Intel ATX 12V V1.3 for Intel and AMD systems. # Super Silent 380W with intelligent fan control # High efficiency and reliability (MTBF > 100,000 Hrs @ full-load / 25...