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    Storage Solutions Help needed for slow laptop SSD

    I have 120GB Kingston M.2 SATA SSD installed in my Acer laptop. I was finding this SSD to be slower than expected and when I ran AS SSD Benchmark I found it to be slow indeed. I have attached the screenshot of the benchmark. I found that online benchmark result for this SSD is much better (like...
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    CPU/Mobo Problem with RAID 0

    I had bought a system for my friend, around 18 months ago, for his designing work. The main components of the system are: CPU - Intel C2Q 9550 MoBo - Asus P5Q PRO RAM - Corsair 2 x 2 GB @ 800MHz HDD - WD 640GB X 2 (RAID 0) OS - Win XP Prof. The system had been working fine till date but then...
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    CPU/Mobo PC Booting problem..

    I have MSI K8N SLI AMD board which is now 5 years old. A couple of months back I noticed that the BIOS was getting Reset automatically whenever I boot my system. Suspecting it to be a battery problem I changed the same and my system worked fine afterwards. But just few days back the same problem...
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    Nero 8 on Win7.

    I want to know if it is possible to run Nero 8 on Win7 Prof. with XP mode enabled. Will there be any performance/quality issue? Thanx.
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    Windows games on Win7 Prof.

    Is it possible to install games that come bundle with Win7 Home Premium and Ultimate (chess, freecell etc.) to install on Win7 Prof?
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    Installing WinXP on Toshiba lappy - Help!!

    Hi, My friend had received a Toshiba lappy as a gift from his uncle. The CPU of this lappy was very poor (Intel celeron - single core - at 2.16 GHz) considering it came with Vista Basic. So we thought of downgrading the system to WinXP Pro SP3. But when we inserted the XP CD and boot from it the...
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    'Data Execution Prevention ' warning while opening IE8

    Hey guys, I just installed IE8 and when I restarted my computer and opened IE8 I got the warning message from "Data Execution Prevention" which prevented IE8 from opening. I added IE8 in DEP's exception list but the problem continued. I couldn't uninstall IE8 so I used System Restore to get...
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    Laptops Upgrading Dell Inspiron 1420.

    Hey guys, I have Inspiron 1420 which came with T7250 proc. and nvidia 8400M G vga card. Since the lappy is now out of warranty I am planning to upgrade the proc. to T9300. But I want to know if it is possible to upgrade the vga card too. If yes then what is the best vga card my lappy can...
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    Nokia E71 or BlackBerry 8900 Curve?

    Hey Guys, I want to buy a business phone and have shortlisted Nokia E71 and BlackBerry 8900 Curve. But I am not able to finalise due to some confusions. Please consider these points while suggesting: 1. BlackBerry is known to make excellent business phones but I have never worked on any. 2...
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    PC Peripherals Anyone used OCZ NIA?

    Hi, I am planning to get OCZ NIA for my nephews. The product and concept looks very cool but I would like to know if anyone has had first-hand experience on it? Any legitimate reviews?
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    Review of system Mechanic 8.0?

    hey, I am considering purchasing System Mechanic 8 for $19.95. But I want to know about its performance. Is it worth? I have not been able to find any helpful review on the net and hence want to know if anybody here has tried the software.