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    Iphone 3G firmware 3.1.3 LOCKED 16Gb Black

    Selling this on my friends behalf- -->hello guyz..m interested in selling iphone 3g 16GB black.. --> expected price 19k(can be negotiated) --> reason for selling--locked my iphone on firmware unlock tool releasing on 10 june so can't wait such long.. --> condition is exellent as...
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    TRADE/SELL/BUY- Sony Playstation 3 Games

    Games for SALE/TRADE- Uncharted Rs.800 Shipped. Condition is as good as new. "SOLD" ........................................... Killzone 2 Rs.1100 Shipped.- SOLD I want to buy/trade the following games- MGS 4 Uncharted 2 Little big planet GOTY Dante`s Inferno Tekken 6...
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    PSP original Charger, Sony 2GB fake MS

    I broke my PSP and sold it off now this stuff is left with me. Looking for a quick sale.No warranty on these items but everything is working. 1.) Sony PSP original Charger Price of new- Rs.1200 Selling it for Rs.650+shipping ..... 2.) Sony 2GB fake memory stick Works great. No bad sectors...
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    Gigabyte 8800GT 512 DDR3@700MHz Bundle(1.5 year warranty)

    Gigabyte 8800gt 512ddr3 @ 700mhz factory Superclocked. The graphics card is in great condition.I have never OCed this card. Idles around 45-50C and reaches 60-65 on load. Bought on 28th of august-08. 1.5 years warranty is left. bill will be provided. The box and every accessory is in great...
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    PSP phat, broken PSP PHAT , 2 UMDS

    PSP phat hacked Rs.3800 shipped, broken PSP PHAT , 2 UMDS Selling 3 year old PSP phat with 5.00 m33-6 The joystick is a bit faulty and there are few scratches on the screen.Problem with joystick- While playing games the character moves automatically towards bottom right direction. Selling the...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a shop in Delhi to buy good branded cabinets

    Guys, tel me a good shop where i can see all latest mid tower cabinets. i am interested in brands like thermaltake, zebratronics, coolermaster, Lian-Li Lancool. I want to buy a mid tower cabinet soon...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a MID TOWER cabinet : BUDGET 5-7k

    I am looking for a chassis to accommodate 1dvd drive, 2 sata hdd and 1 ide hdd.. it should also be capable to adjust 2 gfx cards since i have 2 pcie slot..(i mite wana xfire :D) I want a silent cabby with good cooling.. i have increased my budget coz i was also a bit interested in liquid cooling...
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    [enquiry] Price for original windows7 x84 and x64

    I need latest prices for original Windows 7 ultimate 32bit & 64bit
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    Core2duo E4600@2.4GHz & Odyssey 450W SPMS/PSU

    Price drop Odyssey 450W PSU@Rs.265 shipped Core2duo E4600 Specs Product link- Intel® Core?2 Duo Processor E4600 (2M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) with SPEC Code(s) SLA94 Bought on 25th august 2008. warranty left-1.5 years Current price Rs.3400 Selling it along with stock heat sink...
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    RROD console+power brick+ AV cable

    ONLY AV CABLE AVAILABLE FOR SALE:clap: PM ME FOR FURTHER DISCOUNTS RRODed Core Console- :clap: pal region Payment received-SHIPPED Power brick PAYMENT RECEIVED-Shipped Its almost new..hardly used it.. :hap2: Price of new- 2700/- PAYMENT RECEIVED-SHIPPED -...
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    Core 2 quad and Corsair vx550- used or brand new

    If anyone is selling a core 2 quad or a good PSU..please contact me..
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    CPU/Mobo Should i go for Quad or Duo??

    My budget is around 10k.. i am into gaming so should i buy a quad or a duo?? will a quad really help in gaming? my specs-- Motherboard- Gigbabye EP45c-DS3R Processor- Core 2 Duo E4600 @2.40 GHZ Graphics Card- Gigabyte 8800 GT RAM- Kingston 2X2GB PSU/SMPS- Coolermaster Extreme 600...