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  1. subham

    FS: Mobile Asus Zenfone 5z 6gb 64gb Snapdragon 845

    Really great phone serves the purpose very well, smooth well optimised os without any garbage apps with one of the best processor out there, outperforms poco f1 in every segment except battery which is the only downside in this very model itself but it charges really quick so it's compensated...
  2. subham

    FS: Mobile Samsung galaxy s9 64gb with box and original charger

    Well I have got samsung galaxy s9 But it has a weird issue The screen randomly goes kaput yellowish if u don't use Always on display, I use always on display and in that too home button so that it barely consume any battery and display also works fine in all the brightness percentage the whole...
  3. subham

    WTB Need to buy broken android phones and iphones anything is accepted shouldn't be dead

    I need broken iphone and Android phones cheapest price required and shouldn't be dead!
  4. subham

    FS: Mobile Samsung S10 plus 8gb 128gb in mint condition

    With box original charger and earphone The phone was used by my uncle's wife Phone is 1.5 yr old approx but brand new condition with scratches present on screen guard and not a single scratch on screen
  5. subham

    FS: Tablet Apple iPad Air 2 9.7inch 128gb cellular in mint condition

    Very good condition Every thing working perfectly 18.5k 17k shipped final drop looking for quick sale! With charger only
  6. subham

    FS: Mobile Multiple iphone sale- iPhone 6s plus 128gb gold, iphone 8 plus, 7 plus, iphone 8 all mint condition never repaired

    Apple iPhone 8 plus 256gb Super mint condition With box and original charger and cable only 83% health never repaired Warranty over Expected price- 30k shipped Apple iPhone 8 64gb Almost new With box and original charger only Expected price- 22k Health - 86% never repaired Apple iPhone 6s plus...
  7. subham

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 8 64gb, Google pixel 3xl 64gb clearly white brand new condition with box and original charger

    Absolutely brand New condition With box, original charger and cable only Was purchased by my elder brother Selling on his behalf. Expected price-24k iPhone 8 64gb Battery health 77% Mint condition never repaired. With box, original charger and cable only 2yr old approx not used much Expected...
  8. subham

    WTB Mobile phone box required 50-100 pieces requirement!!!

    I need 100 pieces mobile phone box for display purpose Give me best rates , smalls lots of 5-10 pieces will also be welcomed Seller need not to worry for shipping Item will be picked up from buyer location
  9. subham

    FS: Mobile iPhone 6s rose gold iCloud lock for parts, asus Zenfone max, samsung j7 prime body, iphone 7 original body

    iPhone 6 s iCloud lock for parts selling on behalf of a friend he found it on road strictly for parts body in excellent condition rs.1500 Asus Zenfone max board died don't know the exact reason display touch intact rs.800 iPhone 7 original body Matt black mint condition rs.500 Samsung j7 rs.150
  10. subham

    WTB A cheap good monitor

    I want to buy a cheap good monitor will prefer 1080p and ips display will be welcomed with both hands Budget is very tight please offer your best price , if you can't arrange for shipping I will arrange pickup from your location so no issues in that
  11. subham

    Olx fraud please help extreme breach of trust please help if u can

    So this incident took place on 11th September It was evening time , a guy same age as of mine came to collect a mobile phone on his brother behalf Who was out of patna , he checked everything after checking all things he told he(actual buyer) will pay me on google pay or Phonepay unfortunately...
  12. subham

    WTB Super cheap lga 1155 mobo a cheap psu and things required to build a rig under 10k strictly

    I need to build a rig for my student whom I used to teach long ago in class now he is in 9th I have an lga 1155 processor and also a Mobo ram sticks of my old system all lying idle I don't even know if it works But processor should be fine as per my knowledge cant say same for mobo since few...
  13. subham

    FS: Mobile Asus zenfone 5z 6gb 64gb Snapdragon 845 good condition

    Mint condition Fully functional without any issue Very smooth performance clean android experience
  14. subham

    FS: Mobile Honor play in super mint condition Kirin 970 4gb 64gb

    Very good condition Excellent backup Performance is too good Gaming is lag free even in extreme settings very underated phone but packs a big punch
  15. subham

    FS: Laptop Hp Omen 15-ce072TX i7 7th gen 16gb ram 4gb 1050ti 128gb ssd 1tb hdd under warranty

    Selling on behalf of a friend Product link- Warranty can be availed based on serial number have confirmed through hp...
  16. subham

    FS: Storage Hardware Western digital sata 480gb Ssd brand new sealed with free shipping

    Just received this Today as a replacement still sealed Attached the warranty info screenshot
  17. subham

    FS: Others BT04XL Brand New battery for Hp Elitebook Folio laptop

    Brand new battery got it replaced 4 months ago was lying idle since not used Laptop got damaged sold it as is but kept the battery and got it replaced
  18. subham

    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 3567 i3 7th gen 8gb ram 1tb hdd touchscreen 10 point mutlitouch

    Was purchased in 2017 for approx equivalent to 90k from USA Good condition no detects still gives 4hrs of backup on normal usage Excellent tab mode for current scenario usage Excellent performance for day to day use
  19. subham

    FS: Consoles Snakebite PS4 controller pc compatible

    Almost unused With trackpad and dual shock
  20. subham

    WTB macbook or laptop under 35k, tablet ipad preferred, pm ur best offer and also broken iphones and android shouldn't be dead though

    I need to buy macbook Air pro etc whichever is best offer according to specs under 35k Also I need broken phones android and iphones, iphones will be prefered the phone must not be dead