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  1. Powersurge

    User Review From 2009 to 2018: A MBP Upgrade Story

    Introduction I've been using a Mid 2009 13 inch MacBook Pro since well.. 2009 for my design and development work. I picked up the base model (2.26Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 160GB HDD, Geforce 9400M) and upgraded it to 8GB RAM from a Gskill Kit and an 80GB Intel 320 Series SSD a year down...
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    WTB: Z77/H77 Motherboard

    My current P67 Sabretooth is just not accepting 32Gigs of ram, no matter what i try. Looking for a H77/Z77 board with 4 RAM slots, in Pune preferably.
  3. Powersurge

    FS: Video Card MSI 1080 Sea Hawk X

    Putting this up for sale on behalf of a friend, he purchased this on Massdrop during his recent trip to the US. Only the box is not available, but all accessories/manuals are included. Brand New, never used. Took the photos earlier last week, thus the timestamp, but can update them if...
  4. Powersurge

    Audio TH-X00 from Massdrop

    Pinging @FaH33m and @toxicdrift in particular. Seriously considering picking up a pair of Fostex TH-X00's from Massdrop, a couple of questions though. 1: Card will be charged after the drop ends, aye? 2: What's the situation with customs? 500 USD headphones will probably attract a good amount...
  5. Powersurge

    Audio Audioengine Speakers Availability?

    Hello people, Does anyone know who in Mumbai/Pune stocks Audioengine Speakers? ProAudioHome stopped stocking them, and have moved to just selling Swans, and don't answer email queries sent about Audioengine availability. Bajaao or eBay doesnt have them either. Anyone have any clue? I'm looking...
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    WTB Used Audioengine A2

    Looking for used Audioengine A2 White/Black speakers in the Pune/Mumbai area. If anyone is selling me, please PM me your offers. Thanks!
  7. Powersurge

    Storage Solutions Firmware Update addressing the Intel 320 8MB bug coming soon.

    Source - Intel Discussion Forums
  8. Powersurge

    Mac OS OSX Lion released.

    It's out on the App Store, folks. Downloading it currently. How I hate my 2mbps connection right now, I cannot begin to say.
  9. Powersurge

    Mac OS 10.6.5 Out

    Available via Software Update, if you want the Combo or Delta Updates: Combo: Mac OS X v10.6.5 Update (Combo) Delta: Mac OS X v10.6.5 Update
  10. Powersurge

    Video ESPN HD is here!

    Well, and DishTV strangely have seemed to have launched it. Saw it on IndiaBroadband forum, and indeed, even the "news" section of the DishTV site says do. The idea of watching the World Cup in HD is making me really want to dump my TataSky box at the moment. Link
  11. Powersurge

    Mac OS Steam for Mac Beta Signup

    Well, its pretty old news but I thought its worth posting anyways. Steam for Mac Beta Application You'll have to login with your Steam ID, fill a form and send a System Profile log. Hackint0sh users, tough luck.
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    Mac OS 10.6.3 Finally out.

    Apple Support Link
  13. Powersurge

    Mac OS 10.6.3 rumoured to be out tomorrow.

    Well, at least that's what Softpedia claims.
  14. Powersurge

    Mac OS Boot Camp 3.1 Update

    Well, for those who were waiting for official Win 7 support in Boot Camp, it's here. Boot Camp Updates to 3.1 with Windows 7 Compatibility - Boot Camp - Lifehacker
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic - Discussion Thread

    Well, seems like the applications for Beta testing have begun, so you can register and sign up right here : Star Wars: The Old Republic | Game Testing
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    PC Peripherals New(er) DeathAdder

    So i was on the Razer site to look for new Mamba Drivers, when I stumbled upon the DA page, apparently they've put a new 3500dpi IR Sensor on it as opposed to the 1800 one earlier. Didn't see this posted so thought id give it a shout out. Razer DeathAdder? gaming mouse | 3500dpi 3G Infrared...
  17. Powersurge

    PC Peripherals Razer Mice in Pune?

    Hey guys, i was interested in picking up a Deathadder/Lachesis, or ordering a Mamba, so does anyone know who stocks Razer Mice in Pune? (Croma Ishanya doesnt anymore, i checked) To everyone whos going to say ask KMD/any other site, i want to see the size of the DA and the Lachesis first and...
  18. Powersurge

    PC Peripherals Thermaltake in Pune?

    hey, any of you fellow puneites, any idea where/if i can pick up a Thermaltake Thunderblade fan in Pune? apolloyon/vishalrao/kalesh, any help would be appreciated here :)
  19. Powersurge

    PC Peripherals Antec TX1088 users

    Hey guys, planning on doing some cable management on my 1088 this weekend, was wondering, any of you guys using this case, would you have any pics of your cases' insides? im totally blanking out on how to route most of the psu wires. any help (in the form of pics) would be thourougly...
  20. Powersurge

    Create Your Own Font Style in Five Minutes

    Originally posted here: Open a file in ps, type "sholay" with the appropriate font (i used the one Private_Ryan provided, thanks dude) and click on the "create warped text" icon circled in red in the screenshot. these...