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  1. princeoo7

    Budget 31-40k ASUS VG27AQL1A 27 or LG 27GL850 or something else ...

    I am in market a 2k 144 plus refresh rate monitor. will be used for FPS and all gaming like Valorant, COD WARZONE, Amoung us :p , CYBER PUNK 2077 and all. Finally we have ASUS VG27AQL1A 27 available in Indian market. an 170hz monitor with ELEM. G to G is 4ms. First Choice was LG 27GL850 monitor...
  2. princeoo7

    Windows Is this Cyberpunk 2077 - GOG Code deal legal ?

    As the title say's, is the deal legit ?
  3. princeoo7

    PC Peripherals Logitech c922 or iPhone 6s plus / 7 / 8 as Webcam

    I want to have a good quality webcam interface. Iphone is best as I have tested with my iPhone XR. no Idea on any below models to it. so in short, is it a good idea to buy a second hand iphone and use it as a webcam or should I get the logitech c922 instead ?
  4. princeoo7

    OC & Modding Ant Esport Custom Sleeve ?

    Can anyone tell how good are this custom sleeve mod cables ? Ant ESports MOD PRO Extension Cable Kit - WHITE-BLACK any experience ?
  5. princeoo7

    Linux Any one have multiseat experience with Ubuntu ?

    I was wondering to put my 3900x or a 3300x or a 3600x on a multi seat system. Anyone have experience on the same ? is will be Ubuntu latest version. if possible the windows in future but currently only Linux planed. can they share the experience on this ?
  6. princeoo7

    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    Apple's next-generation Macs will use a new chip called the M1, a big brother to the A-series chips in its iPhone 12, that Apple says will bring new power and battery life to its personal computers.
  7. princeoo7

    Budget 41-50k Is it worth Upgrading to 5900X from 3900X (silicon lottery chip)?

    I own an AMD 3900x (silicon lottery) which I am running at 4.20Ghz on 1.2V on stock cooler. Will be going to Red team for GPU due to requirements. So, it it worth upgrading to a 5900X after selling the 3900X or I should just stick to 3900X. What I do is E-Sports (No Competitive) , Stream at 2k...
  8. princeoo7

    CPU/Mobo How much should I sell my year old R3 1200 for?

    Thread in Wrong Section.
  9. princeoo7

    PC Peripherals Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Writing.

    I created a thread before but now that one is not applicable as the things are going abit different way. I own Logitech g413 carbon. they key-cap quality sucks! big time! Need to replace this one. What should I buy. is it worth spending more than 10k on a mechanical keyboard ? I have no...
  10. princeoo7

    Heavy duty Monitor Arms for 32"or 34" monitors in dual setup

    I already own a Viewsonic 32" ips 2k 75hz monitor. I am planning to add a gaming monitor to my arsenal. was looking to buy a 32" or 34" ips 144hz 2k monitor. currently only able to find the 27" 2k 144 or 165hz monitor in market so lets see. So the plan is to add them in dual monitor setup...
  11. princeoo7

    Need a Ergonomic Chair if its better then an gaming chair

    Need suggestion on buying a Ergonomic Chair if its better than gaming chair as claimed. What I am using is a basic chair which give me sore, you know where :p I was looking on you youtube and saw an review on ErgoChair 2 which I liked but its not available in india and is out of stock on...
  12. princeoo7

    Budget 41-50k Rig for Graphic designer required under 500 to 600 USD

    Below is the requirement for my USA friend and he normally does is business and adobe XD, Photoshop, illustrator work but sometimes light gaming and video editing is also what he does. Questions What is your budget? 500 to 600 USD What is your existing hardware configuration (component name...
  13. princeoo7

    How to use a Nvme SSD as Sata Drive

    As the title says, How can we use a NvMe ssd as Sata Drive ? Drive Samsung Evo Plus 970 500gb. is this product what we use ? PCI-E SATA SSD to 2.5 SATA 3.0 Adapter Card
  14. princeoo7

    Best thermal paste / pad Solution for Intel Laptop

    My Intel Laptop is reading temp like 98deg on all cores and its very noisy. I am planning for a thermal reapply thing. what should I get ? saw this on amazon : Corsair TM30 is it any good ? or any thermal pad suggestion ...
  15. princeoo7

    OCing Ram where the memory size is 16gb for both but one is Rank 1 and other one is Rank 2

    I am in a situation where I need to get the ram oc to 3600mhz or more for my ryzen 3900x. I was on 16gb rank 2 ram before and today I got my other pair which is 16gb rank 1 ram. tried to boot and there was error on boot as the ram rank 2 was on 3400mhz. Ram is Corsair Vengeance LPX -...
  16. princeoo7

    Budget 0-20k PSU, Ram, SSD, Cpu Cooler buying help needed !

    Hello Everyone, I might be in a need to buy a new smps, a nvme 1tb ssd and ram or rams. what I own now is RM750 which was GS600 replacement when the RM series itself was launch in USA. so 7 to 8 years I suppose. Its giving me issue now and so need to buy new one. I am complete noob when it come...
  17. princeoo7

    Monitors Is my monitor panel dying ?

    I bought view sonic 2k 32” in 2018 end and now I am facing a issue. Is my monitor dying ? The issue is of green tent in the monitor when it starts next day like after 12 hours or more. But it gets fixed after 2 - 10 mins of use. Image as below.
  18. princeoo7

    Mac OS Hackintosh Help Needed.

    I am running Mac Os Catalina 11.15.4 as of now on my laptop as windows 10 was getting me 100 deg on my same laptop just for coding or watching youtube. Its now working fine. I have one issue now as below. When I installed it for the first time, I did some mods to have an external monitor as my...
  19. princeoo7

    PC Peripherals Should I get a refund or replacement for Logitech g413

    I have a Logitech g413 keyboard and its key caps are a real pain. Last time I hard the broken key caps issue. Got a replacement and now again then key caps are broken. Product is in warranty. Also can I ask for a better replacement product instead of Logitech g413 if refund is not to be looked at?
  20. princeoo7

    How does steam purchase works ?

    I recently made my first steam purchase. The money was dedicated immediately. 4 days later I got a refund or some sort of thing of the same amount. Now next day that is today the same amount is deducted. So I would like to know what’s going on here ?