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  1. aahigayeham

    WTB WTB HP 65W 7.4mm Adapter

    Unfortunately, my charger gave up on me and I am in dire need of one to keep things afloat. I was wondering if one of you fine folks might be having one lying around, before I head to the store. I've attached some of the snaps for reference. Thank you.
  2. aahigayeham

    Less than 10K Looking for a phone under 10k

    Hi, I am looking for a phone under 10k for my grandparents so they could video chat with their children. I've been out of touch with this price segment for some time now so could use some suggestions. I am also open to second hand purchases. Thank you!
  3. aahigayeham

    WTB WTB a phone under 10k for my grandparents

    Extending the self explanatory title, as my grandparents have been living alone in the quarantine, I am sure they would appreciate seeing their children on video call. I am currently looking at some new models but am having a hard time deciding. Would be open to second hand purchases. Thank you!
  4. aahigayeham

    WTB WTB Firestick

    The title says it all. I am currently on the lookout for an Amazon firestick in working condition. Feel free to PM me your offers. Cheers! Update: Not looking for it anymore
  5. aahigayeham

    WTB WTB: Apple earpods with lightning connector.

    If anyone has a spare of earpods with lightning connector lying around in unused condition (or little use), please consider selling them to me. You could either comment or pm me your offers.
  6. aahigayeham

    WTB Require Galaxy Buds +

    To all the future Samsung Galaxy S20(s) (& Galaxy Flip Z?) owners who plan on pre-ordering their devices, this post is for you. It is likely that you're going to receive Galaxy Buds + or offered to buy them at a reduced price, if you preorder the phone. If you don't require them, please...
  7. aahigayeham

    Hello there

    General Kenobi here Came across this forum due to a fluke and now I don't plan on going back. Looking forward to do my bit towards growing this wonderful community :D