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  1. su30mki117

    Android Xiaomi Mi3 - unable to set Google Now as the default launcher

    Facing a few minor irritating problems. Firstly, unable to use any of the App Lockers to lock individual apps, maybe the memory management is too aggressive and the Locker app gets killed, not sure. Secondly, as the Google Now Launcher is now officially available for download from the Play...
  2. su30mki117

    FS: Others HMT Pilot, White Dial

    Brand new and unused HMT Pilot - White dial.
  3. su30mki117

    FS: Mobile Nokia Lumia 920, 32 GB, Black

    7 month old Nokia Lumia 920 (Black), 32 GB. The phone is in excellent condition. Will be providing all the accessories along with the phone.
  4. su30mki117

    Other Need Suggestions for an e-book Reader

    Need to buy an e-book reader ( budget about Rs. 6000 ). Most of the books I read will be in PDF format (mostly text based). Now, I have almost zeroed in on the Nook Simple Touch. But, the reviews online are mixed when it comes to Nook handling the PDF files, so a bit confused. Is the Nook...
  5. su30mki117

    WTB Need a Sony PRS T1 e-reader

    Looking to buy a Sony PRS T1 e-reader.
  6. su30mki117

    WTB Nintendo DS Lite

    Looking for a used Nintendo DS Lite preferably along with a flashcard.
  7. su30mki117

    104 Music Sites Get Blocked in India

    A Kolkata court has ordered all 387 Internet providers in the country to block a list of 104 websites after the Indian Music Industry (IMI) filed suit against them. Here is a list of the 104 music sites blocked. Full Article
  8. su30mki117

    Head-Direct RE-2 and Fiio E5

    Itching to get my hands on the combo ever since reading about how good a pair they make. No probs if you just have the IEM and not the Fiio amp. Anyone willing to sell them?
  9. su30mki117

    BSNL EVDO service in Chennai

    Looking for an unlimited connection and came across dirt cheap BSNL EVDO plans. Just wanted to know about BSNL EVDO service in Chennai (I stay in Sholinganallur). Or should I look for other alternatives like Reliance Netconnect or Photon+ ? BSNL EVDO supports roaming right?
  10. su30mki117

    Need to Ship a Cell Phone - Info Needed

    Need to ship a brand new Galaxy S from Philippines to India. I have never shipped anything overseas before and have absolutely no idea if its safe to do so. Will there be any customs levied on it, is it perfectly safe to do so, and how do I go about doing it?
  11. su30mki117

    Front Facing Camera vs. Physical Camera Button

    I am looking forward to buying an android handset and I have shortlisted HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S. Galaxy S has a front facing camera (Desire doesn't) and HTC Desire has a physical camera button (Galaxy S doesn't). I am not able to decide which one should be given the preference. Which...
  12. su30mki117

    Camera FZ40 or FZ100 or HS10 ?

    I am just a casual photographer and am confused between the three. Is the FZ40 enough or is it worth it to shell out some more money and go for either FZ100 or HS10? I don't think I need the 30x zoom of HS10, I guess 24x is more than enough. Also do suggest other alternatives in the same range.
  13. su30mki117

    Suggest Books On Linux

    Need a book on linux fundamentals which should be pretty comprehensive. No issues even if it goes pretty deep. I just want to get a hang of how to work with linux and play around with it.
  14. su30mki117

    Audio 1964 Ears - A new company that manufactures Custom In-Ears

    Has anyone come across this yet? Supposedly a new company that offers custom in-ears at unbelievable prices, way cheaper than the products offered by the more common companies such as JH, UM, UE, Westone etc. Official Website Head-Fi link For first impressions, look for pages 23 onwards.
  15. su30mki117

    Confused Between Galaxy 3 and LG Optimus GT540

    Both have almost similar specifications. But Galaxy-3 has a capacitive screen whereas LG has resistive screen, and also the LG screen resolution is slighly more than Galaxy-3. Some say the Galaxy-3 screen looks really pixelated dude to the low resolution, but I guess 400*240 is decent enough for...
  16. su30mki117

    Audio Need Help Setting Up a Mini Home Theater System

    I want a good 5.1 speaker system to use along with my 40" LCD TV, mostly for movies. First I thought of building the system step by step by buying Energy Take Classic 5.1 and then adding an AVR at a later stage. But the speakers will be useless until I buy an AVR or an amplifier. So, then I...
  17. su30mki117

    Wierd Problem with Torrent Downloads

    Weird Problem with Torrent Downloads I have a BSNL broadband connection (512 kbps unlimited). When I try to download torrents (I use uTorrent), the download rate keeps oscillating. The download rate reaches a peak of about 70 KBps, stays around that for some time (about 2 mins) and then falls...