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  1. Rezep

    Budget 51-70k PC Build for 1080p Gaming

    The only thing that i see that would be worth upgrading is the CPU and the motherboard only. As @nac said, you should atleast go for a 5600x if you're thinking of doing so. And why are you thinking of downgrading to an rx 5700xt when you already have a really good gpu, if not the current...
  2. Rezep

    Caveat Emptor/ Buyer beware of Carding- Huge scandal and illegal way of procuring goods online!!

    Not too sure what OP is going on here. Are these items actually being bought using stolen credit cards, or are they duping people into thinking they're using stolen cards to buy said items and then runaway with some cash from the victims.
  3. Rezep

    ACT Fibernet tariff Increase and Plans related [20-21]

    Afaik, ACT doesn't allow that. Changed my plan from 6 months to per month, asked support if by any chance i want to switch to a lower plan how can i do so, she just said that it's not possible.
  4. Rezep

    WTB I want to buy a GTX 1060 6GB/RX 580

  5. Rezep - Feedback Thread

    Just checked on ACT Website seems to be working as of now. But do note i am not using the DNS automated by the ISP, switched it to for my PC only.
  6. Rezep

    WTB Want 4GB DDR3 Ram

    Ram has been tested and works absolutely fine. Have left feedback and waiting for @Vandan Ved to do the same.
  7. Rezep

    WTB RX580 8GB

  8. Rezep

    What a bad time to be a Gamer ?

    Absolutely on the same page with you. I have had upgraded my pc more than a year back now but was able to start actually playing proper games only in early 2020. There really is an infinite list of games i want to play all because i had the shittiest gpu for the longest time (gt 210!), and it...
  9. Rezep

    PC Peripherals Fake HyperX RAM?

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy it from and for how much. Afaik there are 3 different hyperx fury rams out there, 1333, 1600 and 1866 mhz. The current one i have which is 1866 mhz 8gb new +4gb old (which i bought recently from a member) shows up like this. Max Bandwidth being 889...
  10. Rezep

    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    Is that the actual reason why they removed it? That's even worse then. They could have just removed the music as if it was a vital part of the game.
  11. Rezep

    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    Haha, if only it were that easy with windows store games. Microsoft has put in one hell of a DRM into their store games that it's not even worth it to buy the game itself and instead just get it on gamepass(will say why later). There's apparently issues with the cracks that if it's not this...
  12. Rezep

    Tamil Nadu Bans Online Gaming Involving Betting; Rs. 5,000 Fine, Imprisonment for Violators

    A few years back? lmao, isn't the supreme court currently looking into it still?
  13. Rezep

    Are you getting addicted to any song(s)

    This guitar loop has been stuck in my head for a week now Although i don't really enjoy MF DOOM's style sometimes there are one or two songs of his i love, the beats and samples he uses are really amazing. Sample was taken from here and who knows how he found that and said,"Ye that would work"
  14. Rezep

    Budget 90k+ Which option is cheaper, buying online or from Nehru place?

    It's simple. You do both. You find out the lowest price of the parts that you're looking for from all the online shops and then you go to Nehru Place knowing how much each part should cost and not be taken as a fool by any of the shopkeepers. You bargain and get it below the lowest price you got...
  15. Rezep

    A noob's guide on buying consoles!

    That's honestly a terrible way to look at purchasing a console and you're missing the entire point of playing games. It's not to crack in the most hours or get the most out of a system, it's to ENJOY playing them. Out of let's say 100 games, perhaps only 30 of them might be actually good and...
  16. Rezep

    Check this FF addon - AdNauseam - It hides and clicks ads simultaneously.

    Well then, let's see what happens. Seems like it's built upon ublock origin so seems to be fine.
  17. Rezep

    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    It's not that i haven't heard of adverts in phones. It's just that you have the option of having them at a cheaper price or paying a little more to remove it. Unlike MIUI which literally shoves it down your throat.
  18. Rezep

    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    lol, this is is the first time i've seen a tablet come with ads or without ads. Wonder how this would work out once you use it in India.
  19. Rezep

    PC Peripherals What's the difference between a mechanical vs mechanical feel keyboard

    I've been avoiding mechanical keyboards all these years only because of the cost! :p
  20. Rezep

    Budget 0-20k GPU buying advice

    What suggestion even is that? His budget is only around 8-13K since he said he's confused between the rx 560 and the rx 570 and you're suggesting him to buy a 20K gpu? @HereComesArya I would suggest to look into a 1650 super if you're going to buy new/ don't intend to buy second hand. The best...