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  1. rdst_1

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Hahaha... I will bro. I was just asking about the spotter arms or the barbell holder kinda things. If they are available for cheaper somewhere then I can just build the frame and incorporate them instead of making them as well by jugaad.
  2. rdst_1 - Feedback Thread

    Despite that notice, it is still allowing me to buy stuff though. I just placed an order for an item with trackable shipping service. If the app does stop working, one can always login through the website and dispute if needed.
  3. rdst_1

    Budget 71-90K 13 inch Laptop with good battery backup

    Can you tell what softwares will be used. For studying and project work can mean anything. Also, if it is the generic stuff like making PPTs or writing assignments on the laptop, then why spend so much. Any basic laptop will be able to do that with ease.
  4. rdst_1

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Oh sorry. I missed the part where you had gotten it fabricated from elsewhere. I have a drill press and welding machine (if needed), so planning on tackling this myself. Did you get all the parts like the pull up bar, the spotter arms etc, apart from the frame, from the site you have mentioned...
  5. rdst_1

    Xiaomi Advised Caution Over Fake Products

    I guess congratulations are in order for Xiaomi to have finally reached the level that there are Chinese copies of their stuff available now.
  6. rdst_1

    Caveat Emptor/ Buyer beware of Carding- Huge scandal and illegal way of procuring goods online!!

    I didn't get one point. Are these guys actually doing any Carding or are they just pretending and just making money off the advance that people pay.
  7. rdst_1

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Looking great man. I have been thinking of building one for sometime now as well. I have been a little bit confused on whether to buy these square hollow pipes predrilled or drill them myself according to my needs.
  8. rdst_1

    Cloud storage

    How frequently do you need to access this data. If you are only using it for backup, then just buy a couple of external HDDs and keep your data saved like olden times.
  9. rdst_1

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Yeah. $199 doesn't seem like a great deal. Maybe I'll wait and upgrade when I finally upgrade my laptop.
  10. rdst_1

    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    Reading the article, it seems like they might have also mistakenly discovered a different dosage method of administering the vaccine. Yes, this method would also need to undergo a proper trial across all age groups, but it might also work out in the end.
  11. rdst_1

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Does it make sense to import 2TB SSDs now. Amazon US has a couple for $199 plus taxes. But I think it's the 860Evo and Crucial MX500 I think, which are available for the discounted price.
  12. rdst_1

    Your most and least favourite tech Youtubers

    Oh yeah. Lock picking lawyer's videos are awesome as well. Another favorite non-tech of mine, and I have no idea how I came across this channel and why I keep returning to watch his vids, is Matt's Offroad Recovery.
  13. rdst_1

    Your most and least favourite tech Youtubers

    Most Youtube reviews are nothing but glorious unboxing videos while reading the stats off the website. Having said that, of the very few tech videos I watch these days, I really liked Unbox Therapy and Dave Lee, solely because of the great production value their videos usually have.
  14. rdst_1

    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Just a few days ago, Microsoft had an amazing sale where they sold Galaxy Tab S7 for $350 and Tab S7+ for $550. These prices are like half of their current Indian prices and even if their was a steep custom duty, they would have cost at least 25% less than Indian prices. Sadly sale got over very...
  15. rdst_1

    Budget 30-40k ip68 mobile suggetion

    How about LG G8X. It is available at a steep discount and one can find them even cheaper on OLX as well. Many brand new sealed devices should still be available on OLX, thanks to the BBD sale.
  16. rdst_1 - Feedback Thread

    Both Sunyou Economical and Cainiao will be untrackable in India. The 'Accepted by last mile carrier', is the last tracking update that is available for these services.
  17. rdst_1

    Do you believe in God?

    You don't even need a doctor's prescription in India to get Augmentin, is what alekh is saying. And he is saying that India and other SEA countries are way worse than US when it comes to antibiotic abuse. Edit - On the topic of the thread, I am an athiest, but would like to believe that I was...
  18. rdst_1

    FS: Desktops **Price Drop** AMD Phenom Quad Core Desktop (CPU, Mobo, PSU, Fan Controller, RAM etc.)

    Oh man. This reminds me that I also have nearly same config packed up in my storage. Never took it out when we moved as it was my brother's PC and he had upgraded and I had shifted to using a laptop for my needs. GLWS.
  19. rdst_1

    Android Truecaller alternative?

    I didn't have any problem whatsoever using SMS Organizer on any of my phones including Redmi Note 9 Pro max.
  20. rdst_1

    Android Truecaller alternative?

    Have you tried Microsoft SMS Organizer. It has a pretty good Spam filter, very like Gmail, and works quite flawlessly.