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  1. Neo-N

    Any Self-taught Guitarists here?

    Well, lets face it: I am just over 30 and learning to play an electric guitar has always on my bucket list. Earlier in life I just wanted to learn it to be cool but that is no longer a need as age and experience has taught me that there are other more important things in life! :P Anyway, I...
  2. Neo-N

    WTB 3D Printing Service

    Need help printing some 3D models for me - I will provide the design and pay for the filament plus power plus fee plus shipping charge to my place in Mumbai! Thanks
  3. Neo-N

    WTB Nokia 3310 / 3315 Dead or Alive

    I am looking for Nokia 3310s / 3315s. Prefer working phones but can live with dead ones as well as long as they are original Nokia inside-out! Meaning, original Nokia, Keypad, Housing and most of the internals. Please let me know if anyone has one (or ten!) to sell. @vivek.krishnan Your phone...
  4. Neo-N

    Other Can't buy JioPhone due to T&C! Other options?

    I have a Jio 4G SIM that has a specifically selected number - This is not my primary number but an almost exact replica of my primary number. So far, I had kept it active as I was using it in my company iPhone 8. I changed companies and now only use my personal iPhone with the primary (non Jio)...
  5. Neo-N

    WTB Dell Inspiron 3551 (or similar e.g. 5551, 5558, 5559) screen

    My Inspiron 3551 screen has some very fine dead pixels and I was hoping to source a dead 3551 or 3000 series laptop so I could use the screen. Please let me know if you have any dead (with display intact) laptop in the Inspiron 3000 or 5000 (5551, 5558, 5559 etc.) series. Thanks
  6. Neo-N

    WTB Expired/Defunct RSA SecurID Token

    I am looking to buy expired/defunct/useless RSA SecurID Tokens similar to the one seen in pic below. I just love to have these as key fobs and hence wanted to buy a few expired/defunct ones if available. Only condition is that they be whole along with the keyring (else it defeats the purpose!)...
  7. Neo-N

    FS: Others 1960's Omega Seamaster DeVille

    Product Name: 1960's Omega Seamaster DeVille (I believe it's a Cal 671) Expected Price: Rs 28,000/- Shipping charges: Prefer local sale but open to ship at Buyer's risk Manufacturer page URL: NA. But try this for some info:
  8. Neo-N

    Laptops Replacement Screen for Inspiron 3551

    Hi Guys, Need some advice on buying a replacement screen for my Dell Inspiron 3551. Its a Sep'15 laptop that is still going great! The screen got a dead pixel (size of an ant head) a year and half ago - It was in the taskbar area so never bothered me! Now I have another ant-head sized dead...
  9. Neo-N

    iPhone 7 32GB

    Want an iPhone 7 32GB in Black/Jet Black. Should be in excellent condition - No bends/cracks please. Location - Mumbai (open to shipped phones). Thanks
  10. Neo-N

    PS4 Games

    Looking to buy some PS4 titles - Scratchless disks and full box and inlay cards only please. Some titles I am looking for include: Driveclub Project Cars III Injustice 2 Tom Clancy - Ghost Recon Battlefield 1 Borderlands 2 Infamous - Second Son Diablo III Uncharted - Nathan Drake Collection...
  11. Neo-N

    Console to rekindle gaming!

    I am a retired gamer looking to rekindle gaming! :P I use a basic laptop for all computing needs - So a PC is out of the question. Was thinking of buying a (used?) PS3/PS4 in order to re-start gaming as I do not want to build a gaming PC. Usage would be about 2-3 hours each weekend. Do you...
  12. Neo-N

    WTB HMT Pilot

    Wanted to buy a HMT Pilot (White Dial - Blue Hands). We had a GO sometime back and anyone wanting to part with their watch from the GO can rest assured that it will find a caring owner in me. :) My location: Mumbai. I am fine with Shipping though. Thanks
  13. Neo-N

    Android Lenovo A Series - Feedback please!

    So, I was tired of waiting for the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and decided to buy a cheap but reliable tab in the interim. The Lenovo A Series seem to fit the bill. I was particularly interested in the Lenovo Tab 2 A7 (Android 5.1) and the Lenovo Tab 3 A7 (Android 6.0). Both available for roughly ~INR 5k...
  14. Neo-N

    Apple - 'The missing bite' is with Apple USA!

    UPDATE (11th June 2016): Apple told Maple DTI that they (Apple) will cover the cost of repair/replacement for my device. So, I have been an Android user all my life. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5x... I have used them all and have been satisfied with the Nexus franchise, the Android OS...
  15. Neo-N

    Less than 10K Poor man's download rig!

    Looking to get an Android phone (4.0 and above) that would be used only for 24*7 torrent downloading (using uTorrent over WiFi). This will replace my R-Pi setup which currently serves as my download rig. Three important criteria: 1) Should be able to download upto 8GB (on internal memory or SD...
  16. Neo-N

    FS: Others Kyosho Ferrari Laferrari (1:64 - White)

    Die-cast fans already know Kyosho and the rest wont buy it anyway! :D It's a highly detailed 1:64 Ferrari Laferrari in White. Brand new and never played with. Kyosho packaging is designed to slide open without damage hence posted open pics. So, packaging is intact! Please do not lowball! This...
  17. Neo-N

    FS: Others Kyosho Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (1:64 - White)

    Die-cast fans already know Kyosho and the rest wont buy it anyway! :D It's a highly detailed 1:64 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in White with Red accents. Brand new and never played with. Kyosho packaging is designed to slide open without damage hence posted open pics. So, packaging is intact...
  18. Neo-N

    Other Where's the Mi Pad 2 and the N1?

    So, I was looking to upgrade my trusted 32GB Nexus 7 (2012) that I have been using as a media device for the past few years. Noticed that besides the iPads (which I do not want --> Not within budget and iOS), the only good tablet is the Mi Pad. Other options from Lenovo and Acer are mediocre at...
  19. Neo-N

    NGOs that offer online payment for charity

    Guys, Are you aware of any genuine/trustworthy/dedicated to the cause NGOs/Trusts that have the option to make donations online --> Using CC/Netbanking? Tax deductions etc. are not a concern but would be an added advantage (though not at the expense of the NGO/Trust being a a fake). They should...
  20. Neo-N

    Video DishTV STB Issue

    Hi guys, Needed some help and advice about the issue I am facing with my DishTV STB. Recently it has become extremely slow and non responsive. Tried changing remote batteries, restarting etc. but nothing seems to work. There are times when I spend 3-4 minutes just to change from one channel to...