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  1. madmaniac

    WTB Kindle 8th gen cover

    Want to buy a kindle 8th gen cover not paperwhite. Looking for a used one. Can't seem to find them online for this kindle. All are for the new 10th gen.
  2. madmaniac

    WTB Ipad

    I'm looking to buy a used ipad. Doesn't need to be the latest one. Even a ipad mini will work. It's to run a the Loyverse app so should run ios 8 or later.
  3. madmaniac

    FS: Others **SOLD** Selling 3 watches Edifice, Seiko, Nixon

    Selling few watches of a friend's. Seiko 7s26-04B0 - fully automatic watch (no battery) with retro styling (green and gold finish), date and day display and clear back. Condition - a few scratches on strap, very minor scratches on the face (screen protector is pre-installed) and recently...
  4. madmaniac

    WTB Apple magic keyboard and trackpad

    I'm looking to buy a used magic keyboard and trackpad. 1st or 2nd gen.
  5. madmaniac

    Anyone used ?

    I'm looking to buy a used laptop and this store has great prices but I'm unsure if it's a scam site or not. Anybody used this site before? Any other good site to buy used electronics?
  6. madmaniac

    FS: Others Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone 3 axis gimbal

    Bought the Smooth Q thinking I will do lots of videos and become a vlogger while traveling. I realized though I am camera shy and cannot do it hence selling. Bought it 4 months back on Amazon. Used it only a couple times. All original packaging is there. Item condition is just like new. Will...
  7. madmaniac

    Laptops Shipping used laptop from Australia

    My friend wants to send me a used laptop from aus. will there be import duty on this even though its a used and not for sale? What is the best and cheapest way for him to ship it to me? Are there some shippers who do this kind of thing to bring it to india without any customs troubles?
  8. madmaniac

    Want to Buy battlefield 4 But...

    I want to buy battlefield 4. I have a vodafone 1mbit broadband connection. I'm just afraid that if I buy I will realise all the servers I get will be over 300 ping and I wont be able to play. I play tf2 and I get 100-200 ping on asia singapore tiwan servers. Europe 250+ Is it worth to buy it...
  9. madmaniac

    WTB hd 5970, hd 7950

    WTB Used 5970 will pay good price. pm me offers.
  10. madmaniac

    My Macbook Air 13"

    My new Macbook Air 13" Cost: 63k Some basic points and my experience. I've been using this for a week now. I haven't bought myself a bag yet so using a backpack for now. Planning to buy a messenger bag so I can cary my baby wherever I go. Coming from windows it took about 20 mins or so...
  11. madmaniac

    WTB LGA 775 Mobo ddr2/ddr3

    Want to buy either ddr2 or ddr3 lga775 motherbord. Should contain 4 ram slots if ddr2 (if ddr3 then 2 is fine) and support 8gb. Pm me if you're selling please.
  12. madmaniac

    Anyone Still plays tf2? Indian Server

    Anyone still Plays tf2 there is an indian reddit server located in india. pig is 50-80 Please join. Lets fill the server up
  13. madmaniac

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC download cheapest $36

    Pre download. Official release August 23. Deus Ex: Human Revolution | RPGs | PC Games $44.99 Use coupon code "BRING-MESUN-SHINE" = $36 :)
  14. madmaniac

    KASPERSKY lab Anti-Virus 2011 - 3 User FOR FREE !!! - KASPERSKY lab Anti-Virus 2011 - 3 User Today only Just add to cart and see it as $0 Final Price: $40.00 - $40 = Free + Free Shipping Don't know how this would be applicable for us Indians though. Either a GO or if you have someone who can buy it in the US.
  15. madmaniac

    JBuds J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating Earbuds $9.95 JBuds J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating Earbuds (White/Gray): Electronics If someone can start a GO How cheap this will be? Rs 500-600? Orders over $25 have free shipping. I would like to buy these. Reviews are real good. On ebay they are 1,600rs +
  16. madmaniac

    Windows Mobile Phone with Qwerty Keypad AT&T 5700 RS . 3999 /-

    Windows Mobile Phone with Qwerty Keypad AT&T 5700 - Buy Best Windows Mobile Phone with Qwerty Keypad AT&T 5700 at Price Online in India SPECS Phone Type: Smart Phone Network Technology: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Display : Size: 2.5inches TFT Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixels Camera : Resolution: 2...
  17. madmaniac

    [HOT!] Sennheiser CX200 Street II Rs 499 only

    Sennheiser CX200 Street II | Buy $$special$$ | Indiaplaza
  18. madmaniac

    Great News TF2 server in mumbai

    I opened up TF2 and i found this server. I don't know who owns it and it does't have a foum yet but if we can fill it up and make it popular it will be a nice community. It's based in mumbai. that's all I know for the moment. But now we can finally play with low pings...
  19. madmaniac


    I want to buy a used e series mobile. Let me know.
  20. madmaniac

    Stuff from Hong Kong

    I have a friend in Hong Kong and he says stuff is real cheap there and he says if I can find customers he can ship me stuff and I can sell here. I told him it's a hassle getting through customs etc. Is his plan feasible? Anyone shipped from Hong Kong to India before?