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  1. shallg

    FS: Networking Tp link wifi router

    Deal closed product received by buyer thanks for feedback
  2. shallg

    FS: Networking Tp link wifi router

    Ok payment received
  3. shallg

    FS: Networking Tp link wifi router

    Tp link 300mbps wifi router tl wr850n dual antenna
  4. shallg - Feedback Thread

    Both are same courier with different names
  5. shallg

    Budget 10-15K Want to buy mobile

    Buy realme c12 or c15
  6. shallg

    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Nvidia stock issue like intel
  7. shallg

    CPU/Mobo Cpu mobo combo within 25k

    Release after December
  8. shallg

    Flipkart deals

    Ptron no service center its use and throw product
  9. shallg

    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    But vr technology is flop in india
  10. shallg

    Best games of 2019?

    Gears 5
  11. shallg

    Need advice for buying RAM

    Buy adata xpg 3600mhz d30 non rgb it's performance and cheap around rs 3300 for 8gb
  12. shallg

    Alternative to pubg

    Call of duty mobile and pc is also good alternative
  13. shallg

    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    Still raising gst and tax in corona time they have to give relief in tax in pandemic
  14. shallg

    Flipkart deals

    I have purchased cpu fan from amazon before lockdown and than apply for replacement and lockdown declared so I have to wait 3 month to get refund
  15. shallg - Feedback Thread

    It's showing in india but my package doesn't show india travel history it's only says arrival in india airport from 2 month
  16. shallg

    Suggest a wifi router.

    Go for D-Link dir mimo dual band router cheap and reliable
  17. shallg

    Audio problem in windows 10?

    Some ports are not compatible with new 3.5 mm jack so just adjust back cable of speaker or headphone by slightly insert and remove if beep sound on earphone or speakers come adjust manually port wire