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    What is the best portable bluetooth speaker under ₹10K? Need recommendations

    I want to buy the best portable bluetooth speaker. My budget is Rs.10K. Please recommend some options. Thanks in advance! :D
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    WTB TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard

    Looking to buy a TVS Gold Bharat keyboard for cheap in Hyderabad. Hmu.
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    Best ₹2000 Wireless Earphones?

    I'm looking to buy wireless earphones for my mum and read that the Oppo Enco M31 is both comfortable and sounds good. Should I go for it? Are there better options in that price range? I don't want the truly wireless variety -- mum doesn't like those. Thank you :)
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    Budget 0-20k Good time to buy laptop RAM?

    I needed an 8GB stick of ddr4 RAM for my laptop -- I use two Windows "desktops" now for easier work management, and my Lenovo S145 can't keep up I feel...
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    Colors washed out when connecting laptop to TV?

    I want to use my old Sony LCD TV as a monitor for my desk. But when I connect my laptop (Lenovo S145) to it with HDMI, the colors are washed out for some reason. The whites on pages are also too overpowering, which makes the text hard to read. I tried using the built-in Intel software to try...
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    Mechanical keyboard purchase help | Is Zebtronics Zeb Max Pro any good?

    Hi forum, I type at least 60-70k words every month (just for work). I'm currently using the Cosmic Byte CB 05 Titan keyboard. It's a membrane keyboard, and I really dislike the backspace key on it - it's wobbly, gets stuck, and just gives me a hard time. I was looking to buy my first...
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    What Is Red Mercury?

    I have this really old radio and people keep asking me photos of its motherboard for red mercury. I haven't opened it yet... Is this another clever scam??? Help!
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    Audio Boult Audio ProBass Boost - Urgent help - Mi Box 4K question

    Hi forum, The Boult Audio ProBass Boost Headphones are going for ₹1499 for Prime day, and I read that they're comfortable and boast great audio quality. But I also read in an Amazon review that the sound quality was bad with the Mi TV. I really wanted to know if it was working correctly with...
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    Budget 15-20K Is the Poco X2 any good?

    Hi forum, So I've saved up for a new phone and my Mi A2 has been lagging more than usual recently. I need a big battery, stable software, fast charging, and decent call clarity on my next phone. I don't want the Motorola Fusion+, I'm through with Stock Android. I'd buy a Samsung phone but they...
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    Flipkart Big Saving Days Deals?

    Hi forum! Please share great deals you find on Flipkart during Big Saving Days. Cheers!
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    Cheap Bluetooth Headphones

    I'm looking to get cheap (2k-3k) bluetooth headphones to connect to the new Mi Box 4K I got. Comfort and battery life are top priority, can make do with mediocre sound quality. Please recommend. :D Cheers.
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    Anyone else getting the Mi Box 4K?

    I'm using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ but it just isn't serving the family well... I'm planning to sell it and get the Mi Box 4K. Has anyone had any bad experiences with Android Boxes? Would you recommend it? Thanks! :D