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  1. xkcd0137

    New 4TB WD Passport HDD showed Error!

    I had ordered a 4TB WD Passport External HDD and received it on Sunday, 18th. When I connected it to my laptop around 6 pm, it showed an error message stating - This device is incompatible or corrupted. In 'This PC' folder the corresponding drive icon was grayed out and it wasn't showing the...
  2. xkcd0137

    Budget 0-20k Where can I buy Intel 7260ac Wireless card from?

    My Dell N5110 has a Dell WIreless 1702 wifi card which is a renamed Atheros AR5B195. It is a Half Mini Pci-e Wireless Card. Its bluetooth is acting weird and is ancient 3.0, hence want to upgrade. Recommended upgrade to this card is Intel 7260hmw aka 7260ac card. This card is available on...
  3. xkcd0137

    PC Peripherals RAM for Vivobook S430UA

    My mom's laptop (Asus Vivobook S430UA) has 8GB DDR4 2400mhz ram i.e. 4 Soldered and 4 Sodimm. When she opens a few tabs i.e. Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, 20+ tabs on Chrome, Captura, Skype, few Word docs, few Excel docs etc and then she forgets to close them.. haha!, the RAM usage shoots upto...
  4. xkcd0137


    As the title suggests, I want to buy a used but in good condition TRN BT20S Pro with MMCX connectors for my Tin Audio T2. I am open to buy renowned Chi-fi TWS iems too, like - - Fiil T1X - Fiil T1XS - SoundPeats TrueDot Or any other 5 star rated iem from Scarbir's List.
  5. xkcd0137

    Dishwasher: Bosch vs Midea

    I don't think that anyone here would have these two dishwashers at their home to compare but asking nonetheless - I have to buy a dishwasher and I have shortlisted Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher ₹42k and Midea Torrino 13 Place Settings Dishwasher ₹30k. Obviously, Bosch is an established...
  6. xkcd0137

    Budget 31-40k Laptop for Comp Sci student

    I have to get a laptop for my younger sis who is a comp sci student. Budget is <35k and I will be making the purchase during upcoming Big Billion Day sale in late September (..or should I wait till Diwali Sale). Use case is typical of a Tier-2 college CS student though she won't be gaming on it...
  7. xkcd0137

    Giving life to very old laptops

    Hello people, I live in a Tier 2.5 city and getting laptops repaired here is a difficult job. I have two old laptops as given below - 1) HP Pavilion dv2910tx - This laptop is around 11 years old and is not in working condition since 3-4 years or maybe even more. The display of this laptop is...
  8. xkcd0137

    Android Where to buy Phone/Tablet Spare parts online?

    Earlier I used to get these spare parts from Aliexpress but due to current situation shipping charges are 50%-100% of the item's cost and there is no assurance that goods will reach me either. So kindly share any site where I can buy spare parts for following devices - 1) Samsung Tab 3 -...