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    FS: RAM XPG SPECTRIX D80 DDR4 8GB*2 3000MHz Dual Channel Kit RGB Liquid Cooled Memory RAM

    Dual Channel Kit of Liquid Cooled Memory sticks from XPG Spectirx D80 series has a lifetime warranty 8GB*2 running at 3000 MHz Purchased in Aug'20 and used it barely for a week Box intact and available Purchased along with my rig, I can share the scanned copy of the full invoice with the buyer...
  2. NoMansLand

    WTB cooler master argb controller

    I am looking for the Cooler Master ARGB controller or maybe any other device that enables me to control ARGB via software.. Is anyone selling or aware of any online portal from where I can purchase?
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    Budget 0-20k Cheapest ATX AM4 motherboard with dedicated ARGB header

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my motherboard purely from an aesthetics point of view. Below are my requirements: 1. Supports Ryzen 3 3300X 2. ATX form factor 3. Has dedicated ARGB header 4. Cheapest option available It was a miss from my end while buying my rig, I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX...
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    FS: Others AMD Wraith Stealth Cooler for Socket AM4

    Brand new AMD Wraith Stealth cooler which is bundled along with Ryzen 3300X. It is unused and has the thermal compound pre-applied. It is compatible with all the below listed CPUs. AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 AMD Ryzen™ 5 2600 AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400G AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400 AMD Ryzen™ 3 3300X AMD Ryzen™ 3 3200G AMD...
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    FS: Others [SOLD] TAG RGB case fans x2

    Brand new 120 mm RGB dual ring fans. They are not ARGB and are connected via molex connector for power. They are very bright. I have Antec Prizm in my rig and these are brighter than them. It also has rubber stand-offs as well to reduce vibration and noise. The price mentioned includes both the...
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    Brand new RAM modules with the box. I took it out of the box only once to take pics to post it here and plugged in into my rig to check if everything is working fine. It is XPG gaming series so it has a lifetime warranty as well. Price slightly negotiable. Shipping from: Bangalore Shipping to...
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    XBOX 360 controller haptic - PC - NFS Undercover

    Hi All, Recently I noticed that my XBOX 360 controller vibration is not working when I play NFS undercover on my Windows PC. I was playing NFS Carbon couple of days back, it wasn't working then also. The vibration is fine, I tested it separately on but is not working...