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    Xiaomi Advised Caution Over Fake Products

    Xiaomi Advised Caution Over Fake Products Of 33 Lakhs Seized From Bengaluru Source (26-11-2020) Counterfeit Xiaomi Products Worth Rs 13 Lakhs Seized From Delhi's Gaffar Market Source (25-11-2019) and is the same period when there are FESTIVAL/DIWALI SALE and available various products...
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    BSNL To Start 4G Service, Landline in Delhi-NCR & Mumbai

    Source here Existing BSNL 4G User... is it good Mobile 4G Service provider and worth to wait or shall go with long plan with any existing player?
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    Monitors Suggest IPS FHD upto 7k

    Hi Friends, Requires monitor for basic office work, little gaming and VESA (wall) Mounting is must. Preferably Dell as it's very good in colour & good for eye. In past gone through budget model of LG/Benq/Acer/Samsung... but none impressed me as Dell. At present Using Dell 2216h for main...
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    WTB IPS FHD LED Monitor

    IPS FHD LED Monitor upto 5k Didn't requires Monitor with any issue either minor or major.
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    Android Are these 2 charger have same specification?

    Hi, I have 2 charger with me, while I noticed that Smartron charger, charge 3 yrs. old (3000 mAh battery) very fast Samsung charger unable to charge (4000 mAh handset battery) as fast as Smartron charger charge 3000mAh battery. below is the both chargers images, can any one suggest...
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    All OS Buy Mobile Lower Then Online Price - Delhi - NCR

    Hi Just came across video while searching for some mobile unboxing. Kindly note I'm not associate by any way neither with YouTuber nor with shop HTH
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    Budget 10-15K Samsung A21s DISPLAY change from TFT to sAmoled? Really?

    Hi, Friends, just cam across with Flipkart Samsung A21s page, kindly update who is right? Flipkart (seller at Flipkart) or Other Sites ...
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    Budget 10-15K 4000 mAh Mobile Battery... Power?

    Hi Friends, Just a query, if a 1 year old mobile phone, that have 4000 mAh battery, continuously play Video for 7 hrs. & 30 minutes before went to ZERO Power and shut down. Particularly in battery department, where you will place that Mobile:- Average Battery Good Battery Best Battery...
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    Budget 10-15K Suggest... Samsung A50s or A21s ?

    Hi, Can any one suggest, which handset will prove Best Long Lasting Hardware & used experience. Usage mostly for call/office documents/messages etc. (not much gaming... if any then only rarely) Samsung A50s may be at Rs.13999/- (in coming Diwali Sale) and may be Samsung A21s too near by 14k...
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    Android Always On display? Which Samsung Mobile/Model

    Hi Friends, I'm looking to buy Samsung mobile below 15k. Can anyone have user experience of Samsung handset that are Under 15k and have Always On display. Any suggestion....
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    Ptron Brand - After Sales Service BAD very bad

    Hi, I just want to share my experience with Ptron Bluetooth (Rs.899/-) Bud bought from Amazon. In August 2020 I bought pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (TWS) with Mic - (Black) from Exactly on 28th day, out of two, one TWS failed to hold power even for 60...
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    Budget 10-15K Always On Display - Samsung Mobile Suggestion Please?

    Hello friends, Can any one share personal user experience with any Samsung handset, that is within 15k and have Always On Display (AoD)? Regards
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    Android SRT.Phone Screen Replacement ?

    Hello Friends... Here I requires your suggestion... My SRT.Phone get crack in display.. so Shall I look for Screen Replacement & is this model screen replacement really available in market, as one famous mobile repair shop in my city told me none spare part avail for this model. I keep using...
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    Cabinet Power Switch Dead

    Hi, My friend's generic cabinet power switch dead, so he turn Reset Switch as Power Switch. By adjusting 2 cables on Motherboard Front Panel Port. Now he use Re-Set Switch as Power Switch, he just want to know if this adjustment do have any bad impact on board or any other part/processor etc...
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    Budget 0-20k How is 'HIS' Brand Motherboard .... H61 Chipset

    Hi, Any one have first hand/user experience about HIS Brand Board and Support.... any information, kindly share, as I plan to buy one boar for my i5-2400 system. Regards
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    WTB Motherboard for i5-2400

    Hi, Looking for second hand working condition motherboard for i5-2400 Processor. If any one have offer me here or via PM. Dealer here offer NEW (brand name I forgot) with one year warranty for Rs.2700/-... but don't want to invest that much too. Regards.
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    WTB 4G USB Dongle (like famous idea 3G NetSetter by Huawei)

    Hi, Broadband service provides in my city gone worst (each & everyone), reason best known to them. Now using 4g Net via Mobile (USB Tethering) on PC, but this engage my handset and if someone call then net get disconnected and some time, to stop net disconnection I force to cut the call...
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    Broken glass parts, coming out from Laser Printer !!!

    Hi, 2 days before my 6 yrs old Ricoh Afficio 100 Laser Printer start zaming papers and I found no way work to remove paper but to open the printer and while opening, I found some noise of losse parts moving inside here and there. After open few parts I found 2-3 small but THICK & broken glass...
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    Gigabyte A520 Motherboards $69.99