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    Camera HD Camcorder Suggestions

    Hey guys.. Looking to pickup a HD camcorder. Budget is 20-24k.. Must do FullHD 1920x1080. Also must record on SD/SDHC cards. Here are the models I'm currently looking at. Any other options apart from these? LEGRIA HF R205 - Canon India - Personal HDR-CX110E : Flash / Memory Stick ...
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    Storage Solutions Help me pick a NAS!

    Hey guys, I planning to get rid of my HTPC cause I find it sucking up too much power and it does nothing but act as a file server an bit torrent server for the most part of the year. Looking to replace it with a NAS (Preferably RAID 1 capable) which can also run a bit torrent client...
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    Help with MS Exchange / Contacts Sync

    Hey guys, I'm planning on picking up a new cellphone to use exclusively as a business phone. This is my current setup: 1. Macbook running Outlook 2011 2. iPhone 4 using IMAP to sync email to corporate ID. Now I'd like my new biz phone to sync email and contact to Outlook 2011. I don't need...
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    iPhone 4 32GB Software Unlocked, 6 months old

    iPhone 4 32GB Software Unlocked - 30k (Incl Shipping) Hey guys, a friend of mine is selling his iPhone from Vodafone UK. It's on OS 4.0.1 (Baseband 1.59.00) and software unlocked using ultrasn0w. You can upgrade the firmware to 4.1.3 and preserve the baseband unlock using TinyUmbrella. The...
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    PS3 Games - FIFA10 / F1 2010 / Tom Clancy's HAWX2

    Selling off a bunch of games I haven't been playing. All games are in excellent condition.. No major scratches or smudge marks. Pricing: FIFA 10 - Rs. 599 F1 2010 - SOLD HAWX 2 - Rs. 699 ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING BY DTDC AIR. Please don't lowball! Thanks! [COLOR="gold"]
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    Help with Prepaid SIM in Malaysia/Singapore

    Hey guys, will be travelling to KL/SG next month and needed help with a couple of things.. 1. Is there any prepaid SIM provider that works both in KL and SG (i.e. no international roaming rates)? 2. If not then what SIM cards can I get easily on arrival in either country. 3. What sort of data...
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    EPIC Bappi Da Interview!

    Just came across this article.. Hilarious read! The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Entertainment | ‘I am the father of the disco’ No matter what anybody says, he truly is the father of disco! (Atleast in India :P)
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    Help me win the Sunburn 2010 Remix Contest!

    Hey guys! My remix of the Sunburn 2010 official anthem - Nadia Ali - Love Story has been shortlisted amongst the top 6 mixes in the country.. I now need your help to push it through, to the top! It's a quick and simple procedure and will take you less than a minute! You can listen and vote...
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    PS3 Games - FIFA 10/Uncharted 1/GT5 Prologue

    Thread closed.
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    Help with insuring courier package!

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get an iPhone shipped from Mumbai to Goa. Now the phone does not have the original box since it was discarded due to customs. I checked with Jet Airways Cargo (Same day delivery) and they do insure packages for 0.5% of the value but do not insure electronics. So any...
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    Software to merge multiple Quicktime video clips

    Hey guys.. I have about 200 .mov files that I need to merge into a single video file without any pauses, so like a gapless movie. Any clue what software I could use? Preferably something that runs on a Mac. Thanks!
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    PC Peripherals Help with Slim, Compact USB Keyboard

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a slim and compact keyboard. I don't really need the numeric keypad so one without that will also do. However the keys should have a soft touch. Won't be used for extensive typing. Budget around 1k. Thanks!
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    Edifier C3 / Klipsch Promedia

    Looking for a decent pair of 2.1s, post up your offers!
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    iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo 4G

    Hahahahhahahahahahah!!! FL7yD-0pqZg
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    Tom Clancy's HAWX (PS3)

    Please post offers.. Thanks!
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    iPhone 3G 8GB (LCD Not Working)

    Hey guys putting up my iPhone 3G 8GB for sale. The phone is in working condition except for the fact that the LCD stopped working yesterday. Now the touchscreen responds perfectly which means that the digitizer is still working, its only the LCD that has failed. I checked with a couple of...
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    iPhone Repair in Mumbai

    I have an iPhone 3G that I need to get fixed in Mumbai.. The issues I'm facing are: 1. Vibrator isn't working 2. Screen lock button isn't working I've heard Alfa services iPhones. Could anybody help me out with where they are located or any other alternatives? Thanks!!
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    Please Vote for me @ India's first DJ Poll

    Hey guys, has launched India's first DJ poll and I would be really glad if you could spare a few minutes and vote for me online! The link is posted below, all you need to do is fill out the form, enter your email address and confirm the vote from your email. Anish Sood [Anish Sood]...
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    Battlefield : Bad Company 2 (PS3)

    The game is 3 weeks old, VIP code for multiplayer unused so its as good as new. Disc is scratch-less. Ready to ship! Reason for sale : Finished the Single Player, Need Cash.
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)

    Bought 2 weeks back from Intencity (Prashant). Finished the game so I wanna sell this to pre-order Bad Company 2. Disc is scratchless and the original box and manual is intact. I have packed the game and its ready to ship, so will ship first thing on Tuesday morning if you order it. Now...