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  1. rajlodhiya

    Suggestions for an air conditioner with Apple HomeKit support

    Hello. Looking to buy a 5-star inverter AC for a 100-120 sq feet bedroom. Couldn’t find one with Apple HomeKit support anywhere, suggestions are welcome.
  2. rajlodhiya

    The Den

    Hello. New to the forum. This is my room. List of the stuff- Edifier S1000MKII Studio monitors Samsung 43 inch 4K Smart TV (Looking and researching to buy a 4k 120hz, low input lag TV) Playstation 4 and games (Xbox One died and I will get the PS5 and the Series X at launch) The recliner...
  3. rajlodhiya


    Raj, from Maharashtra. 24 y/o, I game on consoles, work as a travel photographer/ videographer. Under normal circumstances I would've never come up to introduce myself but I'm trying to get to that 25 posts mark. Some questions- Why are all my posted messages in latest activity scratched out...
  4. rajlodhiya

    Looking to buy a TV but specs are unclear in India

    Hello. I'm looking to buy an all purpose TV, for gaming, movies, computing but there seems to be no way to know the native refresh rates in most cases. Its so ridiculous that when I talked to two different customer service assistants from Samsung, both of them needed explaining as to what a...