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    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    Started Divison 2 on PC. uplay id : caldaster
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    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    Apex legends is here. Its on origin. Who is else is playing ?
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    Nvidia 2080 at 11% off

    Shows 72K for me ... should have got it at 58k and resold ... 1080ti was going for that before.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    The image itself clarifies jaydipmori got 1 delivered and as per one of his previous posts he had got 2 of them.
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    Android Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched in India!

    Samsung Note series is not for the normal user, but for a particular user set who will find usage for the S-pen. There are a lot of artists who use the note features and have the need for huge storage in the phones. A raw quality image can come at about 40MB size. Plus there are a full set of...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    As for prime video, I found it worthy. Caught up on a lot of TV series. Music cant comment as I have not used it.
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    Experience sharing - Fortnite Battle Royale [PC]

    Wow. This is not a review. The game has positives and i would point out that too if it was a review. More like you are unable to play it properly and you just wanted to vent. EPIC adds a lot of content and keeps changing the map a lot. There are a lot of minute changes they keep doing to keep...
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    Does imdb publishes real reviews from India ? or Fake ? or abondoned ?

    Imdb is no longer truster for giving proper reviews. Visit rotten tomatos for the reviews. Imdb is best to get all the details about a movie except rating.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Discussion Thread

    @quan chi Most of the game bought in India (hard copies) are region locked (this is because of the Indian pricing that existed before). Especially CS:GO. I had to travel to S.Korea on business and had my laptop with me. But I was unable to play CS:GO when i connect it to the local wifi. Didnt...
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    Karnataka Elections 2018

    Post poll alliances are un-ethical. People should be made aware of the alliances a party plans to make alliances in-case they don't have a majority before the election itself. People bias their votes based a lot on who they hate as much as they base it on who they love. The EC should take care...
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    Battlefield V (2018) - Discussion Thread

    Source : VG247 This is interesting
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    Battlefield V (2018) - Discussion Thread

    Same here. BF3 and BF$ are still amazing. BF1 was a bit lackluster. Was really hoping they will go back to a bit more modern setting for this one.
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    Fortnite Discussion Thread

    Played a lot over the weekend. Couldn't win anything. I am not that good. Usually can end up in the last few easily (like the 2nd or 3rd team). Thinking of moving on from this since its not reaching anywhere.
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    Karnataka Elections 2018

    Living in Karnataka ... Anyone but congress is fine. If JDS can form the govt with no elements of congress, will be great.
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    Post your in-game screenshots & gameplay videos [56kbps WARNING!]

    Really awesome game. Hope crytek studios make a gem like this again. If you go back and play it now, you still wont feel the age.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Discussion Thread

    The popularity of csgo has gone way down, with the rise of popularity of overwatch and pubg. They stroke the fps need for any casual gamer. So there might be a drop in prices for most of the items as the market is bound to have an influx of items from people moving on and have a need to money...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Sealed Pack Seagate Skyhawk 6 Tb

    Rs. 1000/- shipped for 6TB :eek:. I will take it ..;)
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    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    This can be an interesting topic compared to Gaming Backlog Progress Report. What is the FOTM. I believe PUBG, Fornite, God of War, Farcry 5 is the list. I am on Fornite with a bit of Destiny 2 and LoL on the side.