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    Budget 71-90K 13 inch Laptop with good battery backup

    I am looking to buy laptop for my daughter and she has zeroed it on the below model. I checked the same model with Croma for touch and feel of the laptop and it is sleek and good. Croma has offered 1K less than Amazon price. Please suggest if there are any other models other than this with same...
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    WTB Dirt cheap GPU (Budget 1.5K)

    Looking for a cheap display for a desktop to work as 1080p videos around budget of 1.5K. Please let me know.
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    How reliable is this site =

    Has anyone made any purchase through this site selling refurbished products? I'm looking to buy a laptop bezel but not sure about the credibility of this site.
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    HP Pavilion Laptop screen replacement

    I have a HP Pavilion 15-P100DX model laptop. The screen of the laptop have started to bleed and needs to be replaced. I had bought this laptop in US couple of years back. I find that the screen is not available locally or on any online platforms in India. Is there any possibility that there will...
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    UPS Battery - Fluctuations

    I have a zeebronics 600va UPS for my desktop system. Recently I had changed the PSU to Corsair VS650. Since then the UPS is not able to hold to fluctuations and restarts randomly. The battery inside the UPS is a 12V 7Ah. Do I need to change the battery or the UPS to avoid restarting of the...
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    Washing Machine - Drum Size

    I've been looking for a Front Load WM with 8 KG capacity. However, when I looked into some of the WM brands like LG, Samsung, Siemens the drum size looks small for a 8 KG washing machine. Infact the Bosch 6 kg WM I had looks similar to the 8kg WM of LG and Samsung. I'm not sure if these new WM...
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    Bosch Washing Machine Drum Replacement

    My 5 years old Bosch washing machine was making too much grinding noise. The service guy inspected and told that the bearing has worn off and the whole drum needs to be replaced as the bearing alone cannot be replaced as it is welded to the drum. The drum replacement will be around Rs.15K...
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    Gmail forward issue

    I have multiple gmail accounts. When I forward mails to several accounts one account does not receive the forwarded message. All other accounts receive it. The forwarded message does not land in the spam folder or any other folders. Receiving all other mails in this account but any messages...
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    WTB WTB: Kindle Reader

    Looking for a Kindle reader. 7th Gen or earlier is also good. Please let me know if there is one for sale.
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    Irrfan Khan - RIP

    Very sad to hear the news. A great actor and very natural at it. Recently watched Paan Singh Tomar and liked it very much. Versatile actor. I don't know how it would feel when you know you are going to die soon. He was brave and talked about it a year back. May god bless his soul.
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    Airtel DTH Recharge problem - Does anyone face this issue?

    I had recharged my Airtel DTH on 6th march for Rs.700 and immediately after recharge I got a message in TV that the account has been suspended for want of balance. Once I called the customer care they were as usual clueless about this problem and simply told that it is technical issue and will...
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    Govt considering to Ban RO Water Purifiers?

    Came across this article sometime back. Are they serious about this or is the govt trying to regulate RO water purifier industry?
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    Deskjet/Inkjet printer for around 10K or less

    Looking out to buy a printer for around 10K or less. I will be printing around 35 to 50 sheets per month and also need color prints. I'm confused with so much of options and looking for any printer that is cheap in consumables. Does it make sense buying ink advantage printer or ink-tank refill...
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    I am getting BSOD error in my desktop system for the past couple of days and the frequency has now increased so much that I have kept that system aside. I have also done all basic preliminary checks but could not identify the problem. To see if the RAM is at fault checked using memtest on each...
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    ACT Broadband speed with netgear wireless router

    I have an old Netgear JNR1010v2 model wireless router which is working well. Since I am on ACT 175Mbps connection I noticed that this router does not give the required output speed of 175Mbps when I check with speed test. I get a maximum of 100Mbps speed only. However, when I connect the fibre...
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    WTB Echo dot 3rd Gen

    Looking to buy echo dot 3rd Gen. Anyone selling?
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    WTB Video card for old rig

    Looking to buy a video card for a old rig which was lying unused for couple of years. This one already has a Radeon HD5450 card which is not working now. Please let me know if there is any card that is similar to Radeon 5450 for sale.
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    Water Pressure pump

    Due to severe water scarcity the piped water has been restricted to all the flats in our society. I have installed a 500 liters loft tank to store the water from the overhead tank as and when it comes. My problem now is I am not able to use my Bosch front loading washing machine due to water...
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    What PSU

    I'm fixing up an old system which has a core2duo 3.16ghz processor with old intel board for my cousin bro's son. Everything seems to work fine but the PSU is dead. It also has a AMD Radeon HD 5450 Graphics card. What kind of PSU should I look for? Earlier power supply was 450 Watts with some...
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    Onkyo - HTS - 3300 - Increasing HDMI Port

    I recently gave my Onkyo 3300 Receiver to my friend. This receiver has 3 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output. The 3 ports have already been connected to a gaming console, DTH box, Nvidea box. He now needs to connect a blu-ray player but since he is out of HDMI port, is there any way the Blu-ray player...