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    iOS Battery health 99% after factory reset.

    There is a hidden agenda behind of the battery health. The battery health is just not accurate. My brother has a SE 1st gen with 990 charge cycles. charge cycle count was around 650 at the end of 2nd year and still battery health showed 87%. phone showed battery health as 83% after 3 years and...
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    iOS Battery health 99% after factory reset.

    The reason could be the time lapsed since date of manufacture of the battery or phone. If the date of manufacture is couple of months old, aging of the battery will take away that 1% immediately In the first few charge cycles. I had the same issue in iPhone 11, I bought March 2020 manufactured...
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    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    Could you tell us what is the RAM used after a fresh restart? Basically trying to understand how much RAM is consumed by OS and and how much is available for the end user. when you say during swap usage, the performance is reduced, did you notice any kind of lag or stutter?
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    PC Peripherals Logitech G Pro superlight or Razer Viper Ultimate v1 wireless

    Where you bought Logitech g pro? How much it costed?
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    WTB Anyone has broken screen but working board lg g3, g4, or g3 mini

    I have LG G3 unused for 2 years now. What you looking for?
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    All OS What Tablet you use and for what all purposes?

    How is the android app compatibility? Does most of the apps opens in small screen like a phone screen inside the tablet or they open for the entire width and breadth of the tablet screen?
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    FS: Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

    the tax amount is 4217 which is 18%. if I calculate the total cost before GST, it comes to 23427 and with GST it comes to 27644. Here you are quoting 25000 for this 1 year old product?
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    Budget Above 40k Is it the right time to buy iPhone 11…?

    Both google and apple are transparent about what data they collect. Only thing is they bury them under the terms and conditions or user agreements which is difficult to comprehend and understand for normal user.
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    Budget Above 40k Is it the right time to buy iPhone 11…?

    Have you thought about why Brave is free and not paid if they claim not to track users?. Actually Brave is built on chromium engine which is developed by Google and Brave only eliminates ads and ad Trackers in website. While eliminating those ads and ad trackers, it displays its own ads which...
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    Budget Above 40k Is it the right time to buy iPhone 11…?

    Exactly. Managing privacy and permissions on iOS is simple and straight forward and once set, it stays that way. In android, some apps won’t work unless they get permission for location, contacts, camera etc. and moreover some apps will change system settings and that has to be separately...
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    Gaming Chairs discussion

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    Gaming Chairs discussion

    I own a Green Soul Glance Multi functional Chair. It’s really comfortable chair even for long hours of gaming. Temps here are around 35C. I don’t feel heat while sitting without AC. Maybe your location is even hotter
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    iOS iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

    It doesn’t fall below 80% in 2 years or after 500 battery cycles. My friend has 990 battery cycle count and more than 3 years since he started using the SE and still it shows 82%. Apple will replace only if it falls below 80% but the battery backup will be very poor. It’s a cunning way to...
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    iOS iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

    It’s not even New SE. it’s first gen SE. 5000 for battery and 600 for service charge. After hearing my friends battery cost, I am a little worried now. I am just a heavy user who use 80-90% battery every day. Recently YouTube started consuming more battery, maybe because of that 4K content
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    iOS iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

    I think the prices have gone up. One of my friend replaced the SE first gen battery for 5600 last week. Will be helpful if you can edit and confirm.
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    Why TVs are so expensive in India?

    It’s not directly or indirectly. It’s both. Income as well as expense is taxed. Income Tax on salary is directly collected and GST/customs on groceries, electronics, automobiles, etc that is purchased out of that salary.
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    PC Peripherals suggest best wifi repeater

    I own a RE200 V3. The issue is it doesn’t have one mesh WiFi support which is really helpful when you move from one room to another. With one mesh WiFi automatically switches your signal to the repeater when you move to next room. RE200 doesn’t have that feature and hence creates one more WiFi...
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    iOS iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

    Anyone know the cost of replacing a battery for IPhone 11 128GB model from the authorised service centre?
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    Best ₹2000 Wireless Earphones?

    Samsung level U? It has Multi point connectivity. Useful when you have to receive or play audio/calls from phone and laptop.
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    Smart plug (16A) recommendations?

    XERGY Smart Power Strip, Wi-Fi...