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  1. CyberGhost

    Budget 8K: Advice on Bluetooth headphones

    had gifted option 1 to a cousin and he absolutely loves it + the battery backup as reported by him is about 4 days on a single charge (about 8-10 hours per day on average) and if I'm not wrong he can pair this with 2 devices at the same time and switch without any delay instantly even when in...
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    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions

    for sales thread in question @Slayer88 just a kind suggestion, here 4790k's have been sold for as low as 5k and you're seriously expecting 12k for this 3770, yesterday while suggesting you a generous market price I thought you priced it by mistake and would make necessary changes but you...
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    (Guide) Network Ad Blcoker aka PiHole

    that's right, but let me tell you one thing the first time I set up my pi-hole a while ago I connected my pi to a wall socket which (who knows how in this world was not connected to any power backup) and light might have gone cause everything was on backup except that stupid pi, all devices...
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    WTB cherry mx switches (red, brown or blue)

  5. CyberGhost

    WTB cherry mx switches (red, brown or blue)

    anyone willing to sell please contact need then for a full-size custom keyboard build and a couple of pieces more for human error quantity around 105-110 should be sufficient kailh and gateron also considered but only red
  6. CyberGhost

    Budget 8K: Advice on Bluetooth headphones

    option 1 - @8999 pretty famous and promising brand (in case you haven't heard of it or have doubt) option 2 - @9818 renewed version of this at amazon cost 6309 for blue and 6990 for black or option 3 - @8962 renewed version of this at amazon cost 5489 for blue and 5197 for black (not headphones...
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    (Guide) Network Ad Blcoker aka PiHole

    Very good work and effort, also you can add some more ad-lists as for suggestions of other uses of pi: #plex server #retropi #small nas #air quality monitor #audio streaming (Spotify connect/Apple airplay/BT) #netmon #smart surveillance #smart mirror (my personal favourite) #cnc stuff...
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    VPN for Online Streaming

    #1 #2 #3
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    VPN for Online Streaming

    It would be one location as you'll be leasing a server and you can configure OpenVPN instead of wireguard but it is a bit sluggish comparatively
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    WTB samsung s8/s8+ or note 9

    Hunt for Note9 (SD) still goes
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    FS: Consoles PS4 1TB "First Day Unit" wtih few accessories

    All sold locally earlier this month, @puns kindly close this thread!
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    PC Peripherals How do I get a external interface or extension that allows me to switch/swap connections from the mobo

    TLDR he has one pair of headphones and 2 output sources and he wants to switch between both source without having to manually plug/unplug the cables what you can do is maybe buy a 1-2 audio splitter kinda thingy and plug your HP's on the single-1 side then discretely plug your outputs on the...
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    Graphic Cards suggest gpu for 10400

    Go for 1650 Super if you can slightly extend the budget, it will definitely give you quite some noticeable improvement over non-super specially in the VRAM department and a bit on GPU core
  14. CyberGhost

    "All your data belongs to us" - Whatsapp is now completely Facebooked

    No offense, but guys in my opinion we own nothing to BaceFook or WA, we are technically using their services for free (though it was free anyways to quite some extent until BaceFook bought it) I do understand that it is morally not right to oblige us and use/process our data, extract it from...
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    FS: Mobile OnePlus 5T 8/128Gb

    Asset en route
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    BSNL or Jio FTTH- Which one is better for gaming?

    Can't say much about BSNL but many of my guys are using JIO for gaming + regular usage and everyone seems satisfied, but I have though heard about BSNL as well they're good too, once you suffer all the hiccups in/around the initial installation and all P.S. there is a good chance in your area...