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    FS: Desktops i5 8600K + MSI Z370M + Tenda AC1200 + Nvidia 1030 + Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4)

    Hello Guys, Some more things available for sale 1. i5 8600k + MSI z370M: Great if you're looking to build a mATX build, served me well. But, I recently upgraded to 10th gen. Purchased in 2018 from PrimeAbgb FYI, I also have a case + cooler to go with if you're interested in more items we...
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    WTB Z390 ATX Board

    Hi Guys, looking for a z390 ATX board, let me know if you guys have any you looking to sell. Thanks, Arnab
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    FS: Cabinets CM MasterBox Q300P + CM G100M Cooler + 3x PCI-e

    Hello Folks, For sale a CM Q300P mATX cabinet. asking 3k. Pickup from Pune. CM G100M cooler: asking 2.5k 3x PCIe 1x risers Asking 300 each or 750 for all. Note: don’t have the boxes. Prefer pickup for the cabinet but willing to ship the others at actuals. Also updated the pics...
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    FS: Others Amazfit Stratos + Mi Box S + Bluetooth Wireless IPX7 Headset + Couple of DDR Modules

    Hi Guys, Looking to sell the following 1. Amazfit Stratos: Great watch. Has great battery life. Lasted me very close to a week when I was using it. Which was around 2 or 3months. I had got this in Jan 2019...
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    FS: Photography DJI Mavic Pro Fly more combo with addons

    Hi Guys, Looking to selling my DJI Mavic Pro. It comes with 3 batteries, separate carry cases for the the drone, controller, batteries and extras. Also includes prop guards, landing pad(not in the picture), nd filters, sunguard, multiple usb connectors, power adapter. Ive had it for a few...
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    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (IoT Kit), Fossil Q Marshal SmartWatch, Kindle Basic 7th Gen

    Hi Folks, Looking to sell a couple of unused tech that's been lying around for a while. 1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (IoT Kit) - Rs. 3000 Kit includes the following from this link: (Along with the camera module) Had...
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    FS: Others Guitar Pedals (source audio, hot hand, boss volume, fuzz)

    Hello guys, Selling some of my pedals which have been in storage for quite sometime now. And I plan to move cities and also since I don't play as much I'm looking to letting them go. 1. Source audio multiwave distortion - 5k Product link...
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    FS: Mobile iPhone 5 & Moto G (3rd Gen)

    Hello Folks, Looking to sell these two phones. Have been laying around for quite sometime with me. Both of them work well and have no issues. The iPhone has developed some white spots on the back panel which I was unable to clean at the moment, check the pictures below. Also, anyone is welcome...
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    WTB: DJI Mavic Pro/Air/Phantom

    Hello Folks, Since a new line of Mavics and phantoms have come in. I'm trying my luck if anyone around here is looking to sell their Mavic Pro/Air or Phantom. Preferably someone in Mumbai. Regards, Arnab
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    FS: Games Uncharted 4 & Uncharted: Lost Legacy

    Hello Guys, Look to selling these two games. Finished both of them, played them once. Open to even trades for another PS4 games. If someone has God of war, that'll be great! But, anyway, have invoices for both. Purchased from amazon. Asking Uncharted 4: 1k Uncharted Lost Legacy: 1.5k...
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    FS: Others Corsair VS450 + PCI Express Riser Card 1x to 16x (3)

    Hello, Looking to sell these. Corsair VX450: Was purchased in Aug 2015. But was RMA'd due to faulty behaviour in 2016. Used it to check if things work in intermediary builds. But now lying unused, would like to sell it off. Product Link: Asking: 1k...
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    FS: Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-H110-D3A + Intel Skylake G4400

    Hey Guys, Looking to sell a GIGABYTE GA-H110-D3A + Intel Skylake G4400 combo ideally. EDIT: the board is this not MSI or the other ones...
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    FS: Video Card Gigabyte RX 570 & Sapphire RX 470

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to sell two of my GPU's. 1. Gigabyte RX 570 - Purchased in Sept 2017. Invoice available. Played GTA 5 on this one. Expecting: Rs. 26000/- 2. Sapphire RX 470 -...
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    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 3542

    Hey Guys, Looking to sell one of my laptops. The 2015 Dell Inspiron 3542, specs similar to: except this one has an upgraded 65WHr 6-cell battery, that works...
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    rx 470/480

    Hello Guys, I'm looking to source a few rx 470 or 480's. Either single or multiples could work? Looking to experiment with some mining builds. And doesn't hurt to game on multiple cards :) Anyone has any or leads of where I could get a couple at a non-inflated price point? Location is in...
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    WTB PS4

    Hello Folks, As the title suggests, looking for a PS4 500 or 1Tb either works. Let me know if you have one to sell? Thanks, Arnab
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    FS: Desktops CM690, AMD Phenom x4 940, Biostar Mobo(Dead), XMS2 2gb + 1gb ram, Corsair VS450

    Hey Guys, Looking to sell off my unused desktop AS-IS. Includes CM690 Cabinet VS450 SMPS (recently replaced by Corsair - have the amazon bill for this) Corsair XMS2 2GB + Kingston or Hynix 1GB DDR2 RAM AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.00 Ghz Biostar TA790GX-128M (the mobo is dead) LG DVD/R+W Drive 500GB...
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    HTC Thunderbolt For Parts AS-IS. 6k OBO Look Inside!

    Hello All, I have a non-working HTC Thunderbolt For Sale in AS-IS For Parts Sale. It's MEID/EVDO has been registered with Reliance. I hardly even used it for 2 weeks. One fine day it just didn't turn on, no drops or water damage, I was asleep one day after that when I woke it was dead. I had...
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    HTC Thunderbolt Reliance Programming

    Hello All, Thing is I have a HTC Thunderbolt which has been registered with Reliance! :) And I've been trying to get it programmed with Reliance and this is where I'm at; - I was on a 3.5 sense bamf custom rom which didn't give me diag mode - Reverted back to stock 2.2.1 sense rom with stock...
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    Sony NWZ-W202 2GB Walkman

    Hello Everyone, Up for sale a sparingly used Songy NWZ-W202 2GB Walkman, Warranty upto Jan '11. Specs Here: Sony NWZ-W202 W-Series Walkman (2GB, black) MP3 player reviews - CNET Reviews Pictures: Price: Rs. 3200 + Shipping or Pickup from Pune. PM me! Thanks, Arnab