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  1. greenhorn

    Budget 10-15K Small Form factor Phone Without compromised spec

    Turns out it's the display that's dead and not the mobo. I'll get it replaced. Should be roughly 2k given xiaomi official parts rates. Given its a 4/64gb phone, I think that's the most cost effective option until someone releases a new phone
  2. greenhorn

    Android OnePlus Nord is a "budget phone"

    This big phone madness has to stop. Thankfully managed to survive this year too thanks to the pixel 4a. If you think Indian youtubers are hyping the nord, you should look at the US ones. The damn phone is not even sold there and they're falling over each other praising it, and people are...
  3. greenhorn

    Budget 10-15K Small Form factor Phone Without compromised spec

    Looking for a phone with a smaller form factor - something with an approx 140*70mm size under 20K and with 4/6GB ram and 64/128GB storage Unfortunately options are either crippled phones under 10K, or compact flagships. I had a moto x4, now switched to pixel 4a I got on sales in the US. Wifey...
  4. greenhorn

    Windows 10 Professional-1pc-Key-Lifetime Validity-Email Delivery - Rs.324

    If you're looking for an established seller check out His prices are higher though. Have bought office from him over a year ago and it's still working
  5. greenhorn

    Audio KZ ZSN PRO X Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones with detachable cable

    Most Tin T2 reviews say the bass is not so great , so skipped it. yes i have the ZS10 pro. It's among the better KZ ones (along with the ZS7 which has the best sound, but a somewhat compromised fit)
  6. greenhorn

    Audio KZ ZSN PRO X Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones with detachable cable

    BL 03 is the worst offender - It's pure hype in my opinion. they're soundly beaten by most of my $5 KZ/QKZ's. To me it sounds like a 60's fullrange driver. Sweet mids, but not much else. Of course, there is another explanation that BLON has lousy QC and the actual tuning is all over the...
  7. greenhorn

    Audio Mic for recording songs on mobile phone

    most phone mics are pretty decent - its the compression that screws it up. there are some apps that can pull the uncompressed signal and record - I used to use those for recording some of our practice sessions and they turned out right. I would say play around with different voice recorder apps...
  8. greenhorn

    FS: Others Clearance Sale - Watches

    Somewhat OT: if you are not aware of it already
  9. greenhorn

    FS: Others Miscellaneous stuff: Headphones, Perfumes, SSHD

    If the perfumes are still available - I'll take them.
  10. greenhorn

    Audio KZ ZSN PRO X Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones with detachable cable

    yes mostly in the 30-40$ range with a few forays into the 50+ segment like TFZ no 3 and iBasso IT00
  11. greenhorn

    Audio KZ ZSN PRO X Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones with detachable cable

    Imo the ChiFi BA IEM scene is overhyped. I have bought a bunch of sub $100 BA+DD IEM's and they all sound like crap. some of the Pure BA ones are better, but in general, It's the monkeys on typewriters approach to IEM design. Out of the hundreds that get launched, one or two sound good and get...
  12. greenhorn

    All OS What Tablet you use and for what all purposes?

    Fire HD10 - Mom for streaming TV because dad hogs the main one all the time Lenovo Tab V7 #1 - for sister for reading ebooks Lenovo Tab V7 #2 - for mom for whatsapp, browsing, regular TV. Her primary tab. Had a Nexus 2012 which began showing its age a few years ago, was replaced by a Tab 3...
  13. greenhorn

    What's sucess in life? Are you an underachiever like me?

    “The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.” ― Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching.
  14. greenhorn

    PC Peripherals Headphones under 6K-7K

    If you love bass, get the Sony xb950b1. There is a refurb piece for sale just under your budget on Amazon. You'll need to buy a trrs cable though. The stock cable is trs and does not support the mic
  15. greenhorn

    Audio Good sounding 3 inch square audio speaker?

    in my opinon, if the cab is damaged. no point spending further on replacement drivers. they are half the sound quality better buy a new set, or a used 2.1 off olx or something if you have money to experiment, why not, but i think buying used may be a better idea
  16. greenhorn

    23% of Indian freelancers earn upto Rs 60 lakh per annum

    I have a friend who was working as a contractor for a UK robotics firm in the UK. when his wife was working in the UK for some IT MNC. when her visa expired and they decided to move back to india, they retained my friend. He gets to work out of india and gets paid in GBP. Now that's the life!
  17. greenhorn

    Audio Will a DAC like Topping D30 improve my Edifier S1000MKII's audio quality?

    In my opinion, you are speaker limited. upgrading a DAC will not give you any significant gains. for your speaker, anything above an $100 DAC is overkill (heck, a topping D10 is overkill) to hear the difference between a D10 and a D30, you probably need a setup well north of 1L and a keen ear...
  18. greenhorn

    Audio Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC replacement ear pads

    material is really a very subjective choice. their XL is too big for them unless you want more comfort at the cost of reduced bass. angled is worth it though. also i have really not notice a difference between original brainwavz and the $5 ripoffs. both work just fine
  19. greenhorn

    Audio MI India quietly releases Hi-res dual driver in ear earphones for Rs.799

    I'm also genuinely curious about them. I generally like their low end DD IEM's - but their Pro HD hybrids are way too sharp for me!
  20. greenhorn

    Rest in Peace Udit

    I read this news on another forum, and it's a while since I've been here, had to post my condolences here because this is where I met him first, and where my memories of him will always be. RIP my friend.