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  1. ANP !!!

    FS: Tablet Samsung Tab A 10.1 2019 32GB (Black Color, WiFi only)

    For Sale Samsung Tab A 10.1 2019 32GB (Black Color, WiFi only) - Condition is like new 9.5/10 as not being used much since the day I got it, only casual social media and Netflix -10.1 Inch Full HD IPS Panel, Excellent for Movies - Free Book Case which has protected the Tablet nicely till...
  2. ANP !!!

    WTB Amazon Echo Dot

    Looking for a Useed Echo dot preferrably the latest one.
  3. ANP !!!

    FS: Photography Sandisk Compactflash Extreme Pro 64GB & Extreme 128GB + 64GB

    Item for Sale: 1) Sandisk Compactflash Extreme Pro 64GB 160mbps 2) Sandisk Compactflash Extreme 128GB 120mbps 3) Sandisk Compactflash Extreme 64GB 120mbps Asking Price: 1) 3,200 2) 3,800 3) 2,000 Combined price 8500 Item Location: Surat, Gujarat Item Description: Selling my CF cards from...
  4. ANP !!!

    FS: Photography Fujifilm XT30 + XF 18-55 f2.8-4 OIS + Fujinon XF 10-24 f4 OIS + Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4R

    For Sale: 1) (Condition: 9/10) Fujifilm XT30 + 18-55 f2.8-4 Kit for sale (Bought April 2019) (Free Extra battery and Camera Cage worth 7k) (SOLD) Along with 2) (Condition 9/10) FUJINON LENS XF10-24mmF4 R OIS (Bought Feb 2019) (SOLD) 3) (Condition: Like New) FUJINON LENS XF35mmF1.4 R (Bought Nov...
  5. ANP !!!

    WTB Amazon Echo Dot - 3rd Gen

    Anyone who is not using their Echo dot much and looking to sell it??
  6. ANP !!!

    FS: Processor Intel i7 4790K (4.0Ghz, Boost 4.4Ghz) CPU Only

    Have the CPU lying unused since the Motherboard was sold back a few months ago, I had decided to use the CPU in the new built but that didnt happen, So its up for sale. Its CPU only, but I have a Spare Intel stock cooler that I will include in the package. It runs extremely stable and cool...
  7. ANP !!!

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung 250GB 750 EVO SSD

    Can ship it till Monday Wont be able to ship 9th to 19th Dec due to travel 1575727919 sold
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    FS: Video Card Gigabyte GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 6GB

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 6G Expected Price: Rs 11,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought theitdepot, Aug 2017 Reason for Sale: Got RTX 2070 RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd...
  9. ANP !!!

    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master HAF XB EVO with Window Panel + 2x Circle 120mm LED Fans

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Cooler Master: HAF XB EVO Expected Price: Rs 4,000 + Shipping Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Amazon, September 2017 Reason for Sale: Upgrade RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: 8/10, Apart from...
  10. ANP !!!

    FS: Desktops Intel I7 4770K + CM Hyper 212X + GSkill RipJaws 8gbx2 + MSI Gaming 5 Z97 Mobo

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel i7 4770K + CM Hyper 212X + GSkill RipJaws 8gbx2 + MSI Gaming 5 Z97 Mobo Expected Price: Whole Bundle: Rs. 17,000 Individual: CPU + HSF: Rs.10,000 Motherboard: Rs. 5000 RAM: Rs. 4000 Source and Time of Purchase: CPU + HSF + Mobo + RAM: September 2014...
  11. ANP !!!

    WTB AMD Ryzen 7 2700X + X370/X470 Motherboard + 32GB (8x4 or 16x2) DDR4 ram

    Perfect time to sell your 2nd Gen Ryzen now that 3rd Gen is about a month away. Looking for this bundle or individual stuff. PM me or post here.
  12. ANP !!!

    FS: Mobile Samsung S10 Plus Prism White (40 Day old, like new)

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Samsung S10 Plus Prism White (40 Day old, like new) Expected Price: Rs 54,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Authorized Dealer, 7th April 2019 Reason for Sale: Want something smaller for secondary phone. RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  13. ANP !!!

    FS: Photography Gopro hero 5 Black 4K action camera

    Gopro hero 5 Black 4K action camera Bought in May 2018, out of warranty. Good condition 7.5/10 The Chipped part you see on the screen is on the tempered glass, no scratches on the screen. What you see in the photos are the accessories included in the price. Also included is a cycle or bike...
  14. ANP !!!

    FS: Others Nescafé Dolce Gusto Infinissima Coffee Maker

    Got it as a Gift, although i would love to use it as a show piece, its built beautifully, I Rarely drink any coffee, nor anyone at my place. Included in the package are 69 Assorted flavor capsules/pods. It came with 72, I used up 3 of them. It can make Cold as well as Hot Coffee with a push of...
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    FS: Photography National Geographic NG 2345 Messenger Bag

    Got it from Aliexpress. I have owned Genuine NatGeo bags before, and the quality and finish of this is absolutely the same.
  16. ANP !!!

    FS: Photography Lowepro Flipside Trek 350 AW

    It can fit a Canon 5D Mark 4 with a Grip attached along with 4 lenses, I usually have the 24-105 on the camera, with 85mm 35mm and 135mm on the side with some batteries in the smaller compartment with ease. This is the 350 model which is smaller then 450 and ofcourse bigger then 250 model. The...
  17. ANP !!!

    FS: Mobile SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

    Got the Watch in Great Indian Sale day, thus the discount, Got 3 Extra straps that I got from Ali-X Battery life is excellent, Lasts 4-5 Days with Always on Display turned off. While 1.5-2 days with AOD on. Depends on Watch face used. Has fast charges, so battery is full within an hr or 2...