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  1. dexBG

    Is Beam Telecom (Hyd) throttling public tracker based torrents ?

    So I've been noticing this for quite a while now when trying to download 'freshly released' files from public trackers with 1000s of seeders & leechers, I get very low speeds 50-150 KBps. However using pvt trackers is super blazing fast at the same instant. Could this be the doing of the ISP...
  2. dexBG

    WTB a Wireless Access point to use with Beam Broadband

    Hi peeps.. I'm switching over to Beam broadband from next week. The installation-guy told me he would be providing me with a LAN wire to my home and I need to purchase an Access point from him for 2k. He wouldn't tell me which brand .. I suppose some Chinese one. So need recommendations...