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    FS: Processor Intel Xeon e3 1270v1

    I ordered for a intel i7 3770 but instead i got intel xeon e3 1270,The seller said he could refund me money or sent me i7 3770 so i opted for a refund.[DOUBLEPOST=1512321479]
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    Intel i5 3450 3rd gen.

    Sold to ruiner21.
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    Intel i5 3450 3rd gen.

    It's in good condition never gave any problem.I used it mainly for gaming and can run games in high settings 1080p.Selling to *Ruiner21.
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    Budget 31-40k New gaming desktop

    Reasons are You can overclock the ryzen 3 and get more performance out of it. Its on new am4 socket so it will have new cpu support in future where as kaby lake would be last on motherboard 200 series lga 1151. its 2 more cores than pentium which some games might utilize. (Ashes of singularity...
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    Budget 0-20k Need to upgrade my PC for medium to high settings Gaming. and get 16gb dual channel(8x2) or 8gb dual channel (4x2).
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    Budget 31-40k New gaming desktop

    Get Ryzen 5 series or 3 series instead of i5 7500/G4560 with B350 chipset Motherboard.
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    Well it's showing me "Started customs clearance process" when i track my order.So i have to pay for customs.If yes,how to pay and how much?
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    PC Peripherals How are these budget mechanical keyboards?

    Tvs gold has ghosting that means you cannot more press 8 keys(usually 8 keys) or less at same time.Well I got an redhead mk88 its got genuine kalih blue switches it's got antighosting too.You can also get mechanical key tester in market it got all keys blue red brow etc
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    Has anyone bought an intel engineering sample processor?

    I found this on a yt channel Its an i7 es for 100 dollars. Its available on aliexpress. Has anyone bought an ES processor?
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    HELP | Need suggestion for 550w PSU i got this one and it's working efficiently for 5 years i bought it in 2013.It didn't gave me any problem.
  11. H - Feedback Thread

    Did you had to pay for custom charges with singapore post?
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    CPU/Mobo International warranty

    According to this video by amd they might have an international warranty. I highly recommend to contact amd support and ask them about it to confirm it.
  13. H - Feedback Thread

    How many days does it takes, a Item to reach india ? (Via Sinagpore post)