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    Less than 10K 4G VoLTE & VoWifi Feature Phone

    I am looking for a 4G VoLTE phone that should mandatorily support VoWifi as the cellular coverage is very poor indoors at my house. This is for my secondary JIO Sim. I am looking for a feature phone if one such is available else a no nonsense simple and snappy Android phone will do. Budget < 5K...
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    Budget 30-40k Moving from OnePlus 5T to Pixel 4a: Will it be a downgrade?

    My ageing 5T is doing good and serving me well except for the battery life. Now that I am WFH it is not an issue for now. I sorely miss the macro photos feature in 5T. The only reason I would move to Pixel 4a is that it has excellent Camera (I really do not care of 48 MP etc) and guaranteed 3...
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    Security Software Unlock a Laptop of a dead person

    Hi All, One of my friends has recently passed way.. He was investing his money in the US stock markets. He was operating from India as he was living here due to his health condition. All the financial details are in his laptop and his family does not know the password. He was unmarried. His...
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    Differential Aptitude Test for Choosing the right education course

    Hello All, My son is now in 12th class. He is good in Math, Physics, keen interest in sports (playing and watching), current affairs etc. OK in economics. On the other hand he is poor in geography, history, computer programming etc. He is preparing for JEE but realistically thinking he might...
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    Kinemaster equivalent for Windows PC

    Hi All, Just like Kinemaster is their a simple video editor for splitting, merging and adding overlays for Windows 10? Something inexpensive would be great. Thanks, Srikanth
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    Android App for Playing Videos from OneDrive

    I am moving lot of my videos to OneDrive. Is there any app that can play videos from OneDrive. A quick search gave me AirStream app but that is no longer on the play store.
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    Anybody heard of

    Hi, I am looking for Mitsubishi A/Cs that see that has the lowest price online. Have anyone heard of them? Any feedback you could share? Thanks, Srikanth
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    Suggest a Tower AC for Open Hall

    Hi, I am in need of an AC for my Open Hall, Dining and Kitchen area. It is 12 ft x 40 ft x 8ft (height) with an open arch on the west side along the 40' wall and a door in the kitchen that would open to the outside on the South. The East and North are closed. I was initially looking into...
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    Need advice on whole house 30 KVA Stabilizer

    I am planning to buy a 3 phase 30 KVA Servo Stabilizer for residential purposes (meaning unbalanced load and 3 outputs one each to one phase into the house). I got a quote for a local make stabilizer at 80K including GST. This actually is for my brother but I need to make the decision for him...
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    Airtel V-Fiber: Frequent Outages

    Hi Guys, I have been having frequent outages in my locality in Hyderabad. In the last 57 days I have had 6 outages with each outage ranging from 4 to 12 hours. I am wondering if this is localized issue or is it happening all over Hyderabad? The outages have occurred as follows. Oct 15 Oct 22...
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    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    Hi, Anybody using LED Grow Lights here or know of any forums that deals with Hydroponics and Indoor plant growing? Thanks, Srikanth
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    PureVPN for $1.32/mo on 5 Years Plan - Is it worth it?

    PureVPN is now on sale at $79 for 5 years. Is it worth it?
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    Movies --> OTT Platform Matrix

    Hi All, Is there an India specific site that gets updated regularly with what TV shows and Movies are available on what OTT platform? Thanks, Srikanth
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    Monitors Pl Suggest a 22" to 24" monitor for Text (No Gaming)

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a large screen monitor (~ 22" to 24") for viewing multiple application windows mainly consisting of Text and static Images. Most of the applications are Web based so these app windows will in browsers. I do not care of gaming abilities. Could you please suggest a...
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    Airtel v-fiber: Slow broadband speed from non CDN servers

    Hello All, I am using Airtel v-fiber for the last 6+ months on 100 mpbs plan in Hyderabad. I get >100 mbps speed with most video streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar etc for regular shows. The challenge is with live streaming, example live sports on Hotstar...
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    Budget 15-20K Need Good Camera with Dual VoLTE

    Hello All, I am looking for a suggestion for a phone with the following basic requirement. Decent Front and Rear Camera (need not be the best as they will seldom be used for printing). Dual VoLTE mandatory Gorilla Glass 5 or 6 Stock Android (no skinning, no bloatware) Smooth UI user experience...
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    IPL on Hotstar - Heavy Pixellation

    Hi All, I am on 100 Mbps Airtel BB connection. I consistently get 90Mbps+ on the 5 GHz band and 70Mbps+ on 2.4 GHz band on Wifi. I have noticed that IPL on Hotstar is very heavily pixcellated. All other Live programming like Football etc and streaming videos have no issues. Have you noticed...
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    Planning to visit Manali in April. Need Suggestions

    Hello All, I am planning to visit Manali in the 3rd week of April 2019. I will be going to Manali from Delhi. I am thinking I will take a bus to Manali from Delhi. I am wondering about the following. I would like to spend around 4 to 5 days over there. We are a family of 4 adults. What would...
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    Airtel GPON HG8145V Supported USB file system formats

    Does anybody know about file systems the GPON device supports in USB mode. Can someone please help me get the user manual?
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    Pl Suggest a Webhost for Email

    Hi, I am currently with Hostdime for the past 6 years. Their pricing has increased and they no longer offer shared hosting. I am now looking for a new webhost. I was on Hostgator prior to moving to hostdime. I am not able recall why I moved out of Hostgator. My requirements: Host emails. I...