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    Storage Solutions NAS box or cheap PC? Need suggestions.

    Nice....but i outgrew it very fast. I dont think its meant to be used in a very network intensive enviornment. When we have 25 rendering stations logging on to pickup 800 mb of textures all at once, it chokes big time!
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    FS: Buffalow NAS 250 Gb : Linkstation Pro

    i am not aware that it does, maybe with new firmware?
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    REQ: Neverwinter Nights 2 + expansion DVD / CD

    Hi, i was wondering if i could get this game from anyone in Mumbai...just came across it and wanted to try it out. Thanks Vivek
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    FS: Buffalow NAS 250 Gb : Linkstation Pro

    Buffalo Technology - Products - LinkStation Proâ„¢ Network Attached Storage (NAS) LinkStation pro LS250gb-GL Purchased this last year around Jan 2007 from Mumbai for around 13.5k. Still has the shrink wrap on the drive, very sparingingly used. Need a raid based system, hence the sale 9.0k...
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    FS/FT : xfx 8600gt

    Card Purchased...waiting for banking info to deposit funds. Seller has agreed to ship tomorrow. Vivek
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    PC Peripherals Which EPSON A3 Color printer will work with external Ink tanks?

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a high end A3 size Epson PHOTO color printer and wanted to know which one would accept External Ink tanks...any suggestions? My main and only use would be to print A3 size Images of our renderings in House. We have been facing a major color problem with the...
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    FS: Foxconn MARS

    dont forget me please...always here :-)
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    FS/FT : xfx 8600gt

    chk ur Pm (10 chars)
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    WTB: Quad Core Q6600

    Sell before the April 20th price drop!
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    FS: 17" CRT monitors LG Flatron 775 FT, Samsung 753 DF

    LG 17" and 19" Samsung's are still available
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    Macromedia Director based programming work: Available in mumbai

    Guys....any updates on this? No one interested?
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    Careers and Employment Thread

    Looking for some Macromedia (Adobe) Director based freelancers for some immediate work. Should be from Mumbai. Contact me at 022 26200214 Vivek
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    IC : LG 24" L246WP LCD Monitor

    i would be interested if you could ship to mumbai, and deliver either b4 20th april or after 6th may
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    Abit : IP35-Pro

    Penno FYI, all KMD IP35-pro boards were sold by KMD at 9k + 50 bucks for Mumbai home delivery. Tirupati is selling them at 9.5k Vivek
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    Storage Solutions help: External HDD (WD home) + esata on Abit x38 / pro...does not work it to was the cable and setting the sata options to ide only
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    Storage Solutions help: External HDD (WD home) + esata on Abit x38 / pro...does not work

    Just purchased a Wd 750gb external hDD home pro with Esata. Cannot get windows to recognize the drive using with firewire and usb... i cut the esata cable so it fits..but it just wont work. What are the settings for an Abit ip35-pro or Quad x38 Has anyone got esata to work on...
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    Abit : IP35-Pro

    chk ur pm for offer
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    Ic: Q9450 @ 13,500

    i'll tell u what...i'll take them from the Indian and hold them for ransom!
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    Ic: Q9450 @ 13,500

    If its not a joke...i will take 2