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    Good lasting Perfumes suggestions

    Where is this Alexa available online?
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    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    It does not get queued for me. Got activated on the same day twice. And we cannot wait to recharge after expiry because Airtel will charge rs 28 post expiry.
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    Android Realme 2 / Realme 2 Pro

    It seems impossible to remove this scratch guard. Its glued very hard to the screen. Phone is good but charging to full 100% takes a lot of time. And the notifications are a mess which is an issue with color os, I guess.
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    Airtel now bans porn sites

    I am not able to load most of normal the sites like gmail,google,youtube etc via tethering when using airtel. The sites load when using a proxy or vpn. Same issue in windows/linux. If I switch to jio via tethering, all these sites work without proxy/vpn. Anybody else facing this issue?
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    FYI: Even if your 2nd house is vacant; you have to pay taxes: IT dept

    By that logic, can the govt. tax unemployed people under the pretext that the govt. is losing revenue on the tax they would be paying if they were working?
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    Dear Indian Telecom Operators, Don't want Cheap tariffs, We want a decent 4G experience

    >Why do you need 60 odd GB's in a month that too on a Wireless connection? You've got a Wired connection for that.. Download Terabytes of data. You are assuming everybody has a wired connection. Some people use wireless for all their internet requirement > Its crap anywhere on Airtel, Idea or...
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    Where should retired folks park their savings?

    Why would you invest in PPF after retirement since there is a 15 years lock in period?
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    Jio activating plan 1 day early?

    My 399 plan ends today, but Jio activated the next plan today itself. I guess, they are eating away a day from the plans silently. Anybody else facing this?
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    They charge a fixed monthly rate whether you make the call or not. For other operators, you can top for 100rs and not use it for 10 months and you will still have the 100 rs.
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    Leeco possibly working on Android 7.1 update ?

    I too have the same issue. Were you using any custom launcher?
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    They market all plans as unlimited with speed downgrade after limit.
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    Can the Jio 4G 999 plan be recharged again before validity period?

    Not when you are in Summer Suprise Offer.
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    Holy Cow! What is going on..

    Which is again an ignorance. You get Pork in Dubai legally.
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    CC said its just an error in the app and its only 100 GB total for 3 months for 999 recharge
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    Those who recharged for Rs 999/- , how much data are you getting? I see two plans 1GB for today and another 100 GB total for 3 months.
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    Poll: Porting to Jio

    Where can you see that? I was told the extra GB will be applied and can be seen on plan only after March 31st.
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    How are you getting 110 gb in 499?
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    I was also thinking that 999 is a better plan, why did you strike it out though? Did I miss something?