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    Audio Bottlehead crack in India?

    Is there anyway I can assemble in India? I mean, I'm not good in soldering and is there any place/service who can do this assembling? Particularly in Bangalore?
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    FS: Home Audio Video Epson 705 projector, Kaiboer 660i player and Asus Xonar Essence one headphone amp

    All the items are in excellent condition. Selling them because no time to use. I would prefer local buyers (from Bangalore) because of size/delicate nature of items. ========== Product Name: Epson 705HD projector Expected Price: Rs 15000 (SOLD) Shipping charges : Bangalore buyers preferred...
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    Audio More efficient RE262?

    I would like to buy a IEM that can be driven by clip+ player. I read the reviews about RE262 and liked the sound signature described for it(especially mids). Is there any IEM that has the same sound signature but a bit efficient(low impedance)? So, that my clip+ can drive it easily? I don't...
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    Audio Where to buy Alessandro MS1 in India?

    Any idea on where I can get them in India? I searched in TE, but couldn't find any. I saw Grado's here, but after reading about Grados, I'm afraid that the mid/highs may be a bit over powering for me. Advises please :)