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    Budget 31-40k MarQ Falkan Aerbook

    Anyone using this? How is the screen quality, thermal performance among other important things? I couldn't find a legit review on any website. Thanks!
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    Looking for a Wireless (Optical) mouse with extra buttons - Budget no bar if its worth it

    Hello folks, I've been on the lookout for a good mouse, for almost 6 months now. Mainly for productivity (design, editing, 3D, animation) and casual gaming on the side. I don't play online and whatever I play is either Indie or single player- so I don't need to best of the best sensors; BUT I...
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    FS: Cabinets Fractal Design Node 304 (1 month old / used for 12 days))

    Hi, selling my Fractal Design Node 304- I'm making a custom case instead and would like to go ahead with that. I love this case and really want to mod it and add a few things- but stopping myself since its a high end case. I already have my DIY case going on in the side. The case has been only...