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    FS: Headphone ATH-M50s, Fiio X1, Fiio E11K and Shure SE-215

    Clearing some unused audio accessories for a fund raiser. 1. Audio Technica ATH-M50s. Approx 3 years old with box and bill. Price - 7500/- Including Shipping 2. Fiio X1 Music Player Price - 5250/- Including Shipping 3. Fiio E11K Amp. Price - 3750/- Including Shipping 4. Shure...
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    Trip to Seychelles

    Hi, I will be travelling to Seychelles with my wife in november. I have few questions so if anyone have visited the country pls help me out. 1. How is the local taxi fare there? What is the best transport medium to see Mahe and Praslin? 2. I will be getting total 4N, so i am planning 2N in Mahe...
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    Car & Bike Outstation taxi in Bangalore

    Hi, I will be visiting bangalore on 20th august and directly from airport i want to go to tirupati. I need a mid size sedan like dzire, etios or xcent. Can anyone provide me contact details of any reliable and good outstation cab service provider or any direct driver with cab who can provide me...
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    Trip to Banglore and Nearby

    Hi, I am visiting banglore in mid august and i have 2 days to spare for a hillstation nearby. I will be with my family and i have two options : coorg and ooty. Please suggest me a better place. All i desire is nature,beauty, good climate hillstation to relax with nice local market. Also, do i...
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    FS: Mobile S7 Edge with Samsung VR and Wireless Charger

    1. Just 1.5 years old, with bill, box and VR headset [Charger not included] 2. Not even a single scratch on whole phone, Screen guard Back Cover from Day-1. 3. Brand New condition. 4. VR Headset included for ultimate VR Experience with original box. 5. 32GB ROM [Expandable upto 256GB via SD...
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    Android S7 Edge "Moisture Detected" Problem

    Hii, I own a samsung s7 edge which is one year old and out of warranty. From past 4 days, I am getting "Moisture detected" error when I am inserting the charger in port. The phone never came in direct contact with water. Sometimes after a lot of tries, the phone detects the charger but the fast...
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    Anyone coming from USA?

    Anyone coming from USA in the coming days? I need some things related to my profession from amazon. The size and weight of the things will be very less. I can pay some extra if required. Interested people PM me.
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    Any Gemologist here?

    Hello, I am a gemologist and i am looking for some people of my interest since i need some help in my field. Please reply if any person is in this forum.
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    Budget 31-40k Mobo, Processor, RAM, HDD, Cabinet?

    I want a mobo, processor, RAM, HDD and Cabinet for a gaming PC. I already own a R9270x and Corsair GS600 PSU. Please suggest the best components in my budget. I will prefer AMD, though I can go for intel if the performance is definitely better.
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    Dubai Trip. Help?

    I am visiting Dubai with my family from 30th Nov (Arrival at 30th in morning by 7) to 5th Dec (Departure at 6 in morning). Please suggest me the best travel plan covering the best places there.
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    Android S7 Edge Screen Protector Solutions?

    I have recently purchased a galaxy s7 edge and I am already tired of looking for a fine screen protector/tempered glass for it. People say that the tempered glass in market creates problems with the screen. Please suggest a tempered glass which you are using and its working perfectly fine. Links...
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    Laptops Macbook Air issues

    Yesterday evening i used it and turned it off without any issues. Today morning when i plugged in the charger, the charging light turned on and suddenly due to some loose connection of socket and pins, the light turned off. From that moment, my macbook air is not taking any charge and on top of...
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    New website help.

    I am looking to establish an e-commerce site for Jewellery. I am looking for an e-commerce builder(the one who provides framework/tools, various integrations like payment/shipping and servers through package). Please suggest a good e-commerce builder with good servers and all required things in...
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    Card Machine Help?

    I recently got a card swipe machine for my business. Onscreen there are 3 options before i swipe a card - Sale, Cash and (Sale & Cash). Though its quite obvious i need to use the sale option while swiping the card but i am curious to know why there is that cash and sale & cash options and what...
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    BSNL UL1441 Help?

    Recently I upgraded my broadband plan to BBG UL1441 (8mbps till 25GB, 1mbps UL). After successful change of plan from BSNL(confirmed through portal and customer care), I am still getting upto 4mbps speeds which i was getting on my previous UL1445 Plan. Any ideas about the issues? What should I do?
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    Indian Forum for Jewellers?

    I am a jeweller by profession. Is there any popular community like TE dedicated to jewellers and where every jewellers questions/doubts can be cleared and things can be discussed?
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    How to add copyright logo/image on snaps?

    I need to put the "xyz photography" logo on some of my clicks for web upload. I have got the logo image as jpeg file. Please guide me how can i put that in corner of my picture. I have photoshop CS6 and Lightroom along with nikon capture nx-d ready installed right now on my macbook air. I can...
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    Camera Macro Lens for Jewellery Photography

    I am into jewellery photography specially small articles like rings etc. Please suggest me a macro lens for nikon dx body. Budget is max 30k. I have shortlisted Nikon 40mm. Sharpness is all what i need. I will use a tripod so it wont be a problem if i will shoot from least focus distance. The...
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    Camera FX Body with Effective high ISO's

    I own a DX entry level body(D5200). Now, as I have learned photography, I want to upgrade the body and my preference will be a full frame body. I am a Nikon Guy so suggest me a Nikon body. Suggest me the cheapest full frame with following features: 1. Effective higher ISO levels. The ISO...
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    Camera Lens sellers in Delhi?

    I am looking to buy some Nikon Lenses. Please suggest some Nikon Lens Dealers in Delhi who can provide lenses at fair prices?