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    Budget 21-30k Upgrading hardware or buying new

    Hi I have an acer aspire 5560 laptop , its few yrs old but no issues as such. Would like to run after effects for learning. Currently it has 4gb ram and sata hdd 500gb. Would it be pratical to update the ram or ram & hdd both / else buy a new. Though wouldnt wanna spend on a new laptop.
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    8 inch windows 10 tablet

    Hi I am looking for 8 inch windows 10 tablet. I have heard of Chuwi & Onda. Though i know many will question the usability on 8 inch, but carrying 10 inch around of 500 gms is not my cup of tea. Thus wanna give 8 inch a try. Specifically windows 10 , as i m happy using the shredded version on...
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    Cheapest pocket friendly a4 printer

    Hi Need an a4 printer b/w or colour but not laser as my inverter doesnt support. Need a budgeted and pocket friendly for very low volume prints. If wifi, it would be great.
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    Two month old a5 2017 or an yr old s7

    Hi I need to buy a phone around 24k. Getting two month old a5 2017 for 20500 and s7 a yr old for 24500. Which is a better deal. Need only samsung.
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    Automatic door light.

    Hi. I need a door light which turns on when any of the family members carrying their mobile reaches the door at night.
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    Monitors Cheapest hdmi monitor

    Hi Need a hdmi supported monitor , new in cheapest rate possible. Please suggest which brand model if anyone has researched saving me time. I m open to used ones as well provided its not reapaired and not too old.
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    Cold Water dispenser vs Refrigerator

    Hi I need to buy Cold water dispenser or a Refrigerator for my staff of 8. Mainly cold water is needed. What works out better in long run, a Refrigerator which has life of more than 12 years or these water dispenser which are quite popular. A dispenser is costing around 7k to 8.5k wherè as a...
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    WTB Access point with minimum 4 gigabit ports

    Hi. I m looking for an access point with minimum 4 gigabit port. Price depends on model & age of the product.
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    PC Peripherals Advice on colour scanner

    Hi. Need to convert old pics to digital. Looking for an easy to scan product. Need good quality, as its for home use wont spend a bomb. But at the same time something good for the job. Kindly advice models and price idea so as to make it easier.
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    FS: Others Samsung Estore Voucher Worth Rs 3000.00

    Have got Voucher Worth Rs 3000.00 From Samsung which can be used on Estore , Website Have nothing to buy so would like to sell it of. The Voucher Was Generated on 9th June, and expires on 20th June 2016. Price : 2850 The Voucher shall be emailed or WhatsApp...
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    Lan Messenger

    Hi Need a good lan messenger. Usually for chatting and sharing files. Having feature like buzzing would be extra beneficial. Can pay a reason amount of like 2k for lifetime license.
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    FS: Others Tru Virtu Money & Card Wallet

    This is Tru Virtu Money & Card Wallet. Manufacturers website: Reason for selling: Already using one, this is extra. This is new packed; not even opened. Price: 3000. Inr + shipping Item Location: Mumbai
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    FS: Others Google Chromecast

    * Product Name: Google Chromecast * Expected Price: Rs 2000 * Shipping charges: Included * Description if any: * Reason for Sale: Mistaken purchase * Product condition: 10 out of 10 * Purchase Date: September 2015. * Remaining Warranty period: Full 1 yr or as provided by Indian sellers *...
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    WTB Samsung S5 CDMA

    Hi Looking for a S5 Cdma preferably with sim slot. Would prefer locally from Mumbai but other parts of India are also fine.
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    Delhi Duty Free Goods

    Hi Today a person came to my office in Mumbai claiming to sell duty free goods directly to consumers. He wanted me to buy a perfume of dunhill or Azzaro for membership post that a catalogue will come. We can select items and get it delivered to our address. Payment is COD, as he said we can open...
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    Windows Tablet, can run Tally

    Hi I m looking for a Tablet which can run Tally. The 8.1 Rt tabs have access to only windows app store and cant run other pc apps or join domain. How can I be sure that the tab I m buying can run pc apps and best place online to check / compare.
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    Post office mistakenly marked parcel delivered

    Hi I had bought a mobile from it seems the seller was fraud and he had written incorrect name & address on the parcel. Mistakenly the post office people marked the parcel delivered whereas it has been sent back (as per post office guy). Anyone who could guide me what action should I...
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    WTB Samsung s5 g906 s or l

    Hi I am looking for Samsung S5 G906 s/l any model and unlocked.
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    Less than 10K Entry level android capable to run skype

    Need an Entry Level Android phone capable of running Skype smoothly. Tried on Intex Aqua 4x. Was able to install Skype but failed to complete a call. Any suggestions. Dont mind a used one too but a long life product is needed. Would prefer a brand new for peace of mind.
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    WTB Internal Sata Hdd

    Hi I m looking for a new or next to new condition under warranty Internal Sata Harddisk. Capacity from 250gb to 1tb acceptable. Quote the price including delivery incase out of Mumbai.