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    Storage Solutions WD NVME Product registration

    Hello, just finished building a PC after long time. Use: purely casual gaming Specs: Ryzen 3 3100, Gigabyte B450, XPG 8gb 3200mhz, SSD NVME WD SN550 and 1060 6gb. My problem is I tried registering the SSD on wd website but I was unable to do that. Do I have to sign in wd website to register...
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    WTB Want to buy Playstation 4 Pro

    As the title says, want to buy PS4 Pro. Post here or PM me if ur selling.
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    FS: Games Uncharted 4 PS4

    Hello, selling my copy of Uncharted 4, just played ones as good as new. PM me if interested. THanks Game sold on OLX closing thread
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    FS: Games Doom Ps4

    Hello, selling Doom ps4, bought less then a month back, completed the game hence selling. Thanks
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    FS: Games PS4 Exclusive Games

    Hello, selling PS4 games , Killzone Shadow Fall for 650 and The Order 1886 for 750, all inclusive of shipping. THanks for looking
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    WTB PS4 Killzone Shadow fall

    Hi wanted to buy Killzone PS4, 800 rupees, let me know thanks.
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    WTB Win 10 or win 8 key

    Hello, wanted to buy win 10 or win 8 upgradable to win 10 key. PM me Thanks
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    FS: Mobile HTC One black trade with S4

    Hello, want to trade HTC one with Galaxy S4 preferably black color, people from Hyderabad preferred. Product name: HTC One Expected price: 25000/- Shipping charges: - Product info: Description if any: Its in mint condition, though there are 2 tiny...
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    WTB Xperia Z

    Hello, need a used Xperia Z preferable under warranty. THanks :)
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    WTB Cheap Android Phone

    Hello, my friend needs a cheap android second hand phone, his budget is under 4k. Post or pm ur offers. Thanks
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    WTB Wanted a GTX 670

    Hello, wanted a used GTX 670 (any brand) preferred in warranty. PM me your offers :) Thanks
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    FS: Desktops Motherboard, CPU,RAMs, LAN card.

    Product Name, Manufacturers code: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM2+ - GA-MA790X-UD4P (Motherboard), 2+1+1 = 4gb DDR 2 800mhz Transcend RAMS, LAN Card, AMD Athlon 2 435 2.9ghz quad core CPU. Expected Price: CPU+mobo = Rs 3500/- | RAMS 2+1+1 = Rs 2000/- | LAN card = FREE! | Time of...
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    CPU/Mobo CPU+MOBO+RAM for 14k

    Hello, please suggest a cpu+mobo+ram for 14k, need for gaming (res 1080p). PSU i have is seasonic SII 520w. I was thinking about FX6300 + compatible cheap mobo + 4gb of 1600mhz ram ( gskill ripjaws ). Will be upgrading a GPU later this year currently i have gtx465 twin forz 2 Thank you
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    WTB CPU - core i5 and core i7 - 1155 ( sandy bridge or ivy bridge)

    HI as the title says looking 1155 sockets cpu core i5 and core i7 Second generation and third generation series of processors
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    WTB LG Nexus 4

    Hello, I want to buy an LG Nexus 4, can someone let me know if you are selling one or suggest where I can buy one. I want it asap. Hit me with you offers guys . Thanks.
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    WTB Google Nexus 4

    Hello, a friend is looking for Nexus 4, if anybody interested in selling please pm. Thanks
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Corby Pro

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 - Full phone specifications And Expected Price: Samsung Galaxy Y - SOLD. Samsung Corby Pro - Rs 2100. Time of Purchase: Samsung Galaxy Y - Nov 2011 and...
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    WTB Samsung Nexus S, SGS i9000, pantech burst

    Hello, need a Nexus S preferably in warranty, galaxy s i9000 or pantech burst, also similar spec phones around 10 to 12k. Please pm me your offer. My first preference is Nexus s Thanks
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    Casual gaming rig suggestion

    Hello, one of my friend needs a decent gaming rig only the cpu+mobo, smps, ram, gpu for arnd 35k in delhi, also i need to know where can i get good genuine deals for pc in delhi( new to delhi ). Thanks
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus - Full phone specifications Expected Price: now Rs 17000/- Time of Purchase: Approx 2 Months Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | Is it possible to clam...