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    FS: Mobile OnePlus 5T 8/128Gb

    The phone has several "spots" on the back because of using it in a case all the time, as visible in the photos. There is no other problem with the phone, other than the mentioned cosmetic damage to the metal back. The phone comes with the original charger, cable, box, invoice and a Spigen Case...
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    WTB Desktop HDDs

    Looking to buy 1 x 1Tb drive and 2 x 2Tb drives. Would appreciate drives with warranty.
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    WTB LGA1155 Motherboard for 3rd gen CPU

    Looking to get a LGA1155 motherboard to use with a 3rd Gen CPU. Please PM me with what you are expecting for it.
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    WTB Cheap mechanical keyboard

    My trusty old TVS Gold died today, served me well for several years (about 6 years). If anyone is selling their TVS Gold or other cheap mechanical board, please let me know. Cheers.
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    WTB Cheap Ryzen combo

    Looking to buy a cheap (cheaper the better) Ryzen based combo. Even R3 1200 + A320 combo is okay. Max budget is 10k. If someone is looking to offload their old AM4 motherboard, that is welcome too.
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    FS: Mobile Poco F1 256Gb Armored Edition

    The phone is sold to @TheBark . Phone is in excellent condition, was very rarely used. It is currently running Lineage OS 17.1.
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    WTB Need a PSU (550-650W)

    Looking for a good quality PSU in the 550-650W range. Need it shipped to Nagpur. Please PM with your offers. Cheers.
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    WTB Amazon Fire TV stick

    Looking to buy a Fire tv stick.
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    FS: Mobile Iphone 6 16Gb

    Points to note: 1. The phone is in very good condition, with one corner having a small dent (check the photos for more details). 2. The battery health is at 100%, as the battery has been replaced by Apple Service Centre in late December 2018. 3. The phone doesn't come with a box, earphones or...
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    I need 2 monitors. 22 or 23 inches FHD IPS monitors is what I am looking for. Please PM if you are looking to offload. I am from Nagpur.
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    Power supply

    I need a PSU, 400-500 Watts is enough. Any good brand PSU will do. Please PM me your offers.
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    GPU under 10k

    PM me with your offers.
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    Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Proccy

    I need a 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen (i3/i5) CPU soon. PM with offers. I am from Nagpur.
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    FS: RAM Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8Gb sticks

    The price is 3.5k for each stick, or 6.5k if anyone takes both, including shipping. I don't have the bill or the box for either of them.
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    FS: Desktops Intel NUC ( celeron N2820)

    The NUC was purchased from, will provide the invoice to interested people. It is in excellent condition, was rarely used, the factory fitted plastic film on top is still there. I also have an 8Gb RAM stick and 750Gb 2.5inch HDD that I can add for an extra amount with the NUC...
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    GPU under 5k

    Looking to buy a GPU for under 5k. If you have one for sale, please PM me with the details. :)
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    FS: Desktops Athlon ii x3 & Phenom ii x4 Combos

    1) AMD Athlon ii x3 440 + ASUS M4N68T-M-LE- v2 Expected Price : 2500 + shipping Source : Bought from @irfanrafeeq88 in Feb 2017 Details : Everything works fine. Have boxes for both proccy and mobo. 2) AMD Phenom ii x4 955 + ASUS M5A97 + Corsair Value RAM 4Gb 1333Mhz Expected Price : 6000 +...
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    Redmi 3s, Moto G4+ , Mi5

    If you have any of the mentioned phones for sale, please do let me know.
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    WTB AMD FX 83xx processor and CPU air cooler

    Looking to buy a FX series 8 core processor and a CPU cooler for the same. If anybody has one and wants to let go, do let me know.@Rahooligan
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    WTB Core 2 Duo Combo

    I am looking to buy a Core 2 based CPU, mobo combo, please let me know if you have one to sell.